Paradise Found


This was written in September 2012, at El Cielo, Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.  A Choose Again center.


I walk the same old concrete path everyday, up the steps, toward the sky.

I see a hummingbird taking its morning drink, perhaps a cat in a lazy first stretch, and the trees swaying in their familiar flexible dance led by a gentle breeze.


Glancing at the same delicate fern growing from a hardened edge, it seems impossible that something so tender and small could take root in such an unforgiving place.  But the fern is patient.  The hard crumbling concrete has given way at just the right spot, allowing the innocent green sprout to hold on.  Then it's roots find their way, ever so gently to a place where they are given exactly what they need -- to be warmed by the sun and the occasional nourishment from the rain.  It grows.

I hear a voice -- You are strong.

Around a circle there are voices, there is silence, there is beauty.  But above all Brilliance presents itself as guidance from experienced and loving souls, as well as, from the glorious light and acceptance beaming through caring eyes.  And the love from hearts wide open and honest.

 I hear a voice -- You are love.

My teachers are many, my lessons in plain sight.  Although excavation can be tedious, what I have always known -- but have forgotten -- is becoming clear.

Be still.

Be quiet.

Be aware.

Open my eyes.

I have everything I need.

The learning is in every creature, every blossom, every breath, every thought, every feeling, every circumstance.

Everything is on purpose.

Everywhere is peace.

Everyone is love.

Joy is my decision.

I just need to listen.

I hear My voice -- I am home.

September 19, 2012         El Cielo, Costa Rica