I believe when a woman accesses her authentic power, in her way, she is unstoppable in any area of her life.

This is my mission.

To be with women in such a way that they experience themselves as the bold, radiant, powerful, playful, courageous, beautiful creators they are, by the clean and simple purpose of being alive. We have so much in us. We are capable of so much when we live unconstrained.

When we commit to using our lives, our talents, our gifts, our VOICES…
When we are authentic and truthful with ourselves and others…
When we are aligned with what is meaningful to us…
When we know what we want and operate with purpose…
When we know that we matter – in our deepest places…

it will cause a ripple effect that will change the world.

We can make a difference.

Who you are is a gift to us all.

Let’s set you free.


I’ve been married for 22 years and have lots to say about marriage and relationships. My relationship with Scott is where I learn about myself the most -- in that all of who I am, for better or worse, is reflected in him, on a daily basis. My husband and I have an incredibly strong, radically honest, beautifully loving relationship. Built by hard work and patience.

We have two teenagers (a son and a daughter) who are our world. There’s just too much to say about them. They are smart, funny, kind and the ultimate teachers of what I need to learn in this life.

I am the only child of a mother who suffered from depression and loved me beyond limits. She committed suicide in 2006. I have experienced depressive episodes in my own life, and know what it looks like to dance with the Black Swan. We're friends now.

I've worked in corporate offices, in a small business, stayed at home supporting my family and am an entrepreneur, coaching professionally for several years.

Be happy first - one piece of my code for life.

My purpose is to curate a happy and meaningful life, live this life awake and free, and Be this demonstration to others.