12 Rules for Designing a Life You Love


A short list - these were inspired by my husband and coach, Scott Byrd.

Ripped mindset -- It all starts with mindset. How you see the world. Are you looking through a shattered or clear lens? The more your thoughts are in alignment with the life you desire, the stronger, and faster, your results will be.

Radical self-honesty -- Not always easy, but of utmost importance.

Intense focus -- Multi-tasking is a myth. It’s not efficient and doesn’t work. Concentrated focus on one thing at a time, produces the best results.

You are always creating -- You are always in a state of creation. Your thoughts, emotions and actions will tell you what is being created. If you want to design a different life, start with different thoughts, emotions and actions.

Dynamic learning (learn from everything) -- Really. Everything and everyone.

Live with intention -- Live from a purposeful place instead of surviving what life is doing to you.

Rigorous practice -- Life is a practice. Peace is a practice. Love is a practice. Patience is a practice. Fitness is a practice. It’s ALL…practice.

Drop self-imposed obstacles -- Stop the self-sabotage. Find it, and eliminate it.

Reject what doesn’t serve you -- You’ll know it when you feel it. Your body will tell you.

Listen powerfully -- Be present. In the moment. Look them in the eyes. Give them a squeeze. Let them know you hear them. This is a wonderful gift.

Speak powerfully -- With resolve. Not from a boastful place, but with confidence and strength.

Be ridiculously fit -- All kinds of fitness. In order to receive clear messages from the body (the body is like a big antennae) fitness of body and mind is crucial. It’s all practice.

Loving you,