6 Rings for Growth and Maximum Potential


Imagine looking through the lens of a camera. There is a limited view in how you see the world.

Now imagine looking through your eyes at the world you see. Still somewhat limited. You can’t see behind you or what’s on either side of you directly. This is our normal view.

Even further, imagine standing a few feet behind yourself, looking through the back of your head through your eyes. The view is very limited. Stay there for a minute.

But from this new stance from behind yourself, there is so much more in the world around you that you couldn’t see from the limited perspective of what your eyes were taking in. Now, it’s a much wider view. There’s so much you didn’t even realize was there.

The aperture of your vision has opened to a wider, more like a 360 degree, aspect.

(You can jump back in yourself now.)

In your current, limited 2D view of life, there are only options, not choices. Choice comes from a place of freedom and knowing. Options come from a limited place of constraint and habit.

To truly be at choice, there has to be awareness, being in the present moment and the ability to deeply feel your truth and anything else that’s coming up where you are at that given moment.

When you are aware, with presence and truth, and can back out of yourself (figuratively of course) to see the bigger picture, you can then see all the possibilities of the given situation.

At that point, you have a 360 view. And then, you have choice. Then, you are living. You are free to make choices.

There are life practices you can identify which will help you in settings that derailed you in the past. Maybe a recurring argument with a spouse, parent, child or coworker. Bailing on every diet. Ever. Not keeping promises to yourself. Not hitting goals at work. Afraid to make sales calls. Not living up to your potential.

These practices are things that YOU come up with that will work for you because they are things you can commit to and keep your commitment.

These are not goals. That’s a different conversation. These are daily and/or weekly actions that you can take to keep opening your aperture so you can walk through life seeing all possibilities.

Here are six categories or Rings (much like rings on a target or tree trunk) to help you organize your mindset around this process:

  1. Your Seeing — The center ring. All other rings (your life) surround this area. Your core. Your inner being. Your inner light. Your worldview. How you see the world. What you see. Do you look at life through a shattered lens or a clear lens? What does it mean to be a human being? Practices can include things like reading or journaling in the morning. Meditation. Stretching. Having some time in solitude.
  2. Your Body — The ring surrounding the center ring. Your physical body. Here is where we nourish ourselves. Food. Nutrition. Exercise. How you feed yourself. Thoughts - mental health. Self-care. Self-love. Performing the practices. Connection. Using your body as an antennae for listening to the soul. Your body is sending you information all the time. Are you listening? Can you hear? The body has to be clear and operating efficiently in order to receive these messages. There also needs to be rest and relaxation for the body to heal itself.
  3. Your Desire — The ring outside Body. What you want. How you want to feel in all areas of life. Pleasure. Knowing your Core Desired Feelings. If the body is the messaging system for the soul, your feelings are the messages. Learning what to do with the feelings. “Small, deliberate actions inspired by your true desires create a life you love.” ~ Danielle LaPorte. Truth Ms. D…but you first have to know what it is you desire. Figure that out…now.
  4. Your Relationships — The ring surrounding Desire. Romance. Friendship. Marriage. Business relationships. Family relationships. How you relate to other people is in direct correlation to how you feel about yourself. Look at all your relationships and get clear on who you are in those affiliations.
  5. Lifestyle — The ring around Relationships. This is career. Money. Home. Environment. Working from home. Style. Possessions. Hobbies. Self-expression. This is what’s created from your Core, through your Body, Desire and Relationships.
  6. Your Society — The most outer ring. Once the first five are humming along, it will create a ripple effect out into the world. These are your associations. Who you surround yourself with. Community. Connections. This is where and how the transformation that started with Your Seeing, gets expressed in a way that is bigger than yourself.

All of this starts with you. With what you See and how you See it. That view informs the rest of the rings, and your life.

These rings are organic, much like the rings of a tree trunk. If constant pressure is applied to one side, the tree will morph to accommodate the pressure and the rings won’t be a perfect circle. This is just fine. It’s not meant to be perfect. It’s meant to be life. The tree doesn’t argue, or scream or pout or fight.

It just does what it knows. It takes energy from the sun, and nutrients from the soil and rain, and

keeps growing.