Lessons from the CEO of a billion-dollar tech company

This week, I was able to sit in a conversation with the CEO of a billion-dollar organization. It was part of a meeting with Ontocore’s Power Group in Utah. We spent a morning in his executive board room listening to his experience of coaching (the company is a client of Ontocore) and the impact it has made on his personal and professional life.

His demonstration of leadership, commitment and humility was awe-inspiring. It was an extraordinary conversation with a stunning human being. A moving, life-changing experience for everyone in the room.

At the end of the day, we heard from his brand-new-on-the-job (about 10 days into her new role) Executive Assistant. This young woman exemplified everything this company stands for and her testimony was also a brilliant demonstration of creation. On her resume was the statement, “I am a necessity.” She is powerful, talented, devoted, loyal, confident and humble.

This was a meaningful, inspiring day.

And, there was this total solar eclipse thing going on in the background.


7 lessons from the day:


Commitment is the difference, that makes the difference.


Coaching shapes a leadership development muscle.


Leadership is a personal transformation.


How you occur for yourself IS your way of being.


Coaching gets a person to a place of being able to handle anything. “I am the difference because of who I will be in it.”


Really experiencing commitment with someone opens up the possibility to be free.


Tools work – A baseball bat. A hammer. A club. The results of the impact depend on who the person is being while taking the swing.


Bonus lesson ::  




With gratitude and commitment,