Change is Overrated


Why is Change Overrated?

Simple...because change is temporary.  It doesn’t last.

I want to change my diet.

I want to change my workout.

I want to change my routine.

I want to change my partner. (Oh yeah, that doesn’t work.)

I want to change my kids. (Neither does this one.)

I want to change my life.

Have you ever noticed why we hear people ALL THE TIME saying how much they want to change, but just can’t?  Or nothing ever works?  Or they’ve tried it all?  Like somehow they are different or special from the rest of us.

It’s because what we try to change, won’t last.  And focusing on the part of us that we want to change -- weight, diet, stress, etc. -- actually will make that exact part STRONGER.  It's why those last 10 pounds are so hard to lose or why we can't kick that nasty habit...because we are CONSTANTLY focused on it and talking about it.

We don’t need to improve or change anything.

The reality is, we need to make a real COMMITMENT to the thing we want to transform so we can achieve the desired result.

What we need is transformation.

We can change our clothes without changing who we are.  We still see the world the same way and have the same behaviors.  Changing our diet works much the same way.

BE like the caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly; transforming into a whole new BEING.

Now that's a whole new way of seeing the world.  Not from the ground, but from the sky.

BE who you need to BE in order to get the results you desire.

BE the person who loses 20 pounds.

BE the person who doesn't make excuses for not having enough time to workout.  Figure it out.

Does that person repeat the cycle of being “good” from Monday until around...say...Thursday, and then takeout and a bottle of wine are sitting on the table for dinner?  Then the whole weekend is shot so she may as well start again Monday.

No. That person is committed to a result and makes choices that move directly towards that result.

Does that person feel like she is making sacrifices to the “fun” in life, or things that taste good?

NO.  She is excited about finally making choices that create fulfillment, energy, vitality and freedom in her life.

When we transform and lean up against our edges of comfort, there are parts of our brains that will resist and tell us absolutely anything to get us to stop.  That “lizard brain” will stop at nothing to get us to stop growing.  It wants everything to stay the same...forever.  It’s a safety mechanism to keep us from getting eaten by lions (I don't know about you, but the last time I saw a lion it was heavily tranquilized and behind a very large fence.) But there comes a time to excuse it.

Give gratitude for a job well done, and then kick that sucker out.

It’s so simple yet difficult to grasp.  And it’s only a thought away.

You can create anything, any feeling, any desire you want.  But first...

It starts with these profound and clear questions:

What is your inner stance?

How do you see your world?

How do you occur to yourself?

Action Item:  (Including the above questions)

Look at what you are feeding yourself...actually look at your plate and what’s on it.  Take a picture of it.

How we show up for ourselves with the foods we choose to eat is directly related to how we show up for ourselves in life.

Think about this...What are you truly hungry for?