Fire-lighting conversations and what to do now


Several weeks ago, I took a walk after having a beautiful conversation with a client. This client, Kristen, completely inspires me with the speed and focus with which she takes action. There is no time wasted. She sees something in herself, or something she’s working on, and BOOM. It’s done. Decision made. Action taken. Shift occurring. Plus, she’s highly creative in her life, her business and her family. She operates with intention, squeezing every drop out of life.

The following thoughts were what came to me during that walk. Then yesterday, Kristen and I had another conversation that brought me back to this same place. We were swooning over a tremendously exciting thing for her. Another area where she saw something, took action and created a powerful experience that opened the door for brand new, earth-moving possibilities.

This further solidified a theme that keeps coming up in so many of my circles right now... 

the IMPACT we create. Whether we are aware of it, or not.

There is a message from generations of our foremothers that is coming through so many of us to share in our own voices, at this time.

The origin is from Creation herself. For me, it feels like it’s coming through the center of the Earth, through the ground and the trees. Through animals and children and art and movement and humans and language and conversations. 

It has depth, but it’s not heavy. It’s a familiar sense that is asking to be uncovered, dusted off and breathed into with new life. It’s powerful and soft. Gently nudging (and sometimes punching) us more strongly and consistently and persistently.

It reminds me of what Elizabeth Gilbert refers to in Big Magic as catching an idea, an inspiration, as your own. The creative impulse is out there for everyone, for any of us to harness. We’re being given the clues, the signs. The whispers. The warm breeze that gives you chills. The synchronicity we can’t explain. The desire to make a difference, to use our lives in a way that feels like living.

It's the Feminine Essence of Power saying to us all — 

NOW. It's time. 

Pick up your camera, your pen, your brush, your laptop, your keyboard, your microphone, your megaphone, your kettle bell, your yoga mat, your spreadsheet, your sword, your badge, your keys.

Pick up your canvas, your document, your project, your day job, your side hustle, your passion. 

Pick up your notebook, your pencil, your telephone, your hammer, your crystals, your platform, your big idea, your gems, your gifts.

Pick up whatever is YOURS.

It doesn’t matter which tools you choose. There isn’t a perfect tool, or way.

What matters is that you choose. 

What matters is recognizing your soul's call that

you. matter.

No more sitting on the fence. On the sidewalk. On the sidelines. In the audience. In the shadows.

Get on the stage. On the field. In the arena. Create intentional impact from your Being.




Get to the work of leading.

Get to the work of playing.

Get to the work of working.

Get to the work of building.

Get to the work of creating.

Get to the work of transformation.

Get to the work of your Being You.

Get to the work of LIVING.






There is no other time.




Crazy fire Love,