mama bird



mama bird

she doesn’t ask questions...

what is the purpose?

what is my purpose?

what’s next?

how fast?

how high?

when?  when?

she is patient.

she is loving to what is . . .

and present to every moment.

doing what she needs to do for the well-being of her babies.

fulfilling the job she is here to do

as best she is able.

this is her life, for now.  in this moment.

her instincts and intuition guiding her . . .

always connected.

she always is.

in a few days or weeks, her life will change.

she will be flying, hunting, feeding.

experiencing what those days will bring.

but for now, she waits.

she rests.

she provides

warmth, shelter, protection, comfort.

with patience

and love

for what is

and what will