Here's a quickie...

Photo by hxdbzxy/iStock / Getty Images

My body chose to accept a wicked little virus which stopped me cold in my very many tracks early this week. Our bodies are really efficient at showing us if, when and where we are out of balance. Out of rhythm. So a few thoughts from my 2 days of stillness and rest.

If you don't carve out space and time for yourself, nature will do it for you.

You have everything you need, right now.

Gratitude can soothe a very upset stomach.

Stop. Be still. And breathe. (Seriously, take 3 deep breaths right now.) I cannot stress the importance of deep breathing.

Then listen to what your soul is trying to tell you.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whatever is happening, the Universe is supporting you. Even if you can't see it or believe at all. Even if you can't understand what's in front of you. Put one foot on the ground. Then the other. Repeat. More deep breaths.

You got this.

Ask for help. We aren't meant to do any of this alone.

The world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people doing wonderful things. You are one of those people.

Always be a student. What makes life so fulfilling is the desire to expand. Grow. It won't always be comfortable, but it will always be rewarding.

Always and in all ways, be a student.

I am so grateful for spring and heat and the Sun.

Everywhere, there is Light.

Follow your Desires.

Ask yourself, How do I WANT to feel?