Making Change

"Changemaking happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future."      Seth Godin

Sometimes, when you are looking for just the right phrase in the moment. Just the right words. The right thought. The right pulse.

It comes to you.

Seth Godin does that to me. Quite often. With very few words and an acute observation of the human condition. This is what good leadership does. Observe. Curate. Discern. This is what I love.

So, my thoughts on the above keeping with the brevity of the piece and current direction  ::

Change can only happen -- real change, lasting change, transformation, the kind we say we want -- when we become devoted to a future that isn't prescribed by our current actions.

Unbalanced. Unwaivering. Unreasonable.

When we start taking different actions, we will create a different future. If we don't make changes to our daily habits and actions, we will live into our default future.

Instead of taking a vacation from what is happening, instead of trying to constantly escape our reality, how about doing something about it?

What if you actually got to live everyday in your vacation?

What if your new reality challenged everything you currently think? What if you get to have everything you want?

Which version of the future do you want to live into?

So much forever love,