Take The First Step


**My very first blog post...it's fun to go back to the beginning. You have to start somewhere, and keep beginning. They say a master is someone who begins. And begins again. And again.

Well, here it is.  My first step.  This is exhilarating, a little scary, joyous and terrifying all at the same time.   All of the hard work, training, time, effort, teaching, coaching, reading, studying and practice over the past months and years is now harmonized into action.  I am thrilled to be able to share the tools of transformation I have learned with you.

But first, a little story about sea turtles.  My dad and stepmom volunteered one summer as part of a group whose mission is to aid the sea turtle population off an island in South Carolina.  They would get to the beach at 6:00am to track where the mama sea turtles made nests close to the dunes and laid their eggs.  Then, over several weeks, they checked the nests to see if the tiny baby turtles had hatched.  If they find any little ones hatched and ready to go, they put them on a tray and take them down to water’s edge and release them to the Atlantic Ocean.


A brand new baby sea turtle has only a 2 and 10,000 chance of making it to adulthood.  About the size of a silver dollar, they have to make the very long trek from the nest, across the sand, to the water.  They make a tasty breakfast for crabs, birds and other larger predators.  If they make it to the water, many more hungry ocean-dwellers are waiting for their arrival.  So there they are, exhausted from their hike, bobbing in the ocean, going with the flow and away from someone's big mouth.

They just have to trust that no matter what happens, it’s all part of the plan of Life.

We all have times in our lives when we feel we are at the dunes, looking at that long, hot stretch of sand before us.  That place that lies between where we want to be and where we are.  There are holes, crabs, birds and storms that can strike at any moment, testing our resolve.

Then, that enormous ocean is waiting on the other side.  When we finally get to where we think we want to be, there is still danger, it's still not right.  It’s colder, or warmer, than we thought.  The waves aren’t quite like we imagined.  The fish are bigger.  And it’s just not matching the picture we created in our minds.

So what do we do?  What does that little turtle do?  Although the journey looks formidable and she has no idea how to start or what to do, she takes that first step, or whatever that is with her little flapper-feet.  She takes a deep breath and says, let’s do this.  I can handle it.  I have everything I need.

That’s what my work is all about.  Guiding you back to who you are.  Letting you know that you already have everything you need.  You can handle anything.  Wherever you are right now, is exactly where you are supposed to be.

It can be losing weight, changing your diet, dealing with anxiety and depression, navigating relationships of all kinds, or any combination of all those issues.

Together, we take a look at your life as a whole, learning how to create a self-supporting system using four key components as a daily practice of balance:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  It is a complete program touching mind, body and spirit.

Physical:  the food you fuel yourself with; how and when you move your body; connecting feelings to the body

Emotional:  discover how emotions are just messengers here to teach us lessons; how feelings affect and direct our actions

Mental:  learn about the different levels of mind and how they can work together for the benefit of the whole; quieting the mind with meditation

Spiritual:  access the Power within you; discover your true Desires and Purpose;  realize the Truth of who you are and stop believing the things that aren’t true

I’ll be writing each week about any or all of these topics.   Anything from crazy-healthy-and-delicious recipes, to stories, to how to develop your own daily rituals for ease and peace, to a bit of ass-kicking Truth and motivation.

Please get to know me a little better...spend some time on the site.  Read the About page, Work with Me page and that section, and stuff I've written in the Love Notes.  See how I work and what I do.  Since this is just the beginning, I’ll be adding more as it grows.

This is going to be a journey worth taking.  Stay with me.

Let’s take this first step together.