Take the Leap


The feminine is so fascinating.

I once saw a video that made me laugh out loud at the primal nature of the masculine vs. the feminine. Female lion waiting, stalking her prey. Male lion dashes in, kills, drags the kill away.  Done.

It spoke on so many levels how the feminine wants to wait. To stalk. To make sure it’s

juuuuuuuuuuust the right one before we take action.

Maybe that one? Too fat. That one? Too skinny. That one? Too fast, I can’t catch it. That one? Too slow, maybe it’s sick? That one? Mmmmmm…he looks off somehow.

Meanwhile, 100+ perfectly good dinner options just passed her by.

Then HE comes in and just pounces on any one he can get. Done. Dinner. Was it the perfect catch? Who knows. Who cares? It doesn't matter.

We women like our foreplay. We want to be courted. We like to wonder, to ponder, to analyze, to talk it out 743 ways with everyone we know. (Unless you have some introvert like me, then you just stay in your head all the time, which is …. *shiver*.)

Elizabeth Gilbert had this to say in her wonderful book Big Magic:

Too many women still seem to believe that they are not allowed to put themselves forward at all, until both they and their work are perfect and beyond criticism. Meanwhile, putting forth work that is far from perfect rarely stops men from participating in the global cultural conversation. Just sayin’ . . . sometimes, strangely enough, it works – a man who seems not ready for the task, not good enough for the task, somehow grows immediately into his potential through the wild leap of faith itself. I only wish more women would risk these same kinds of wild leaps.


Yes, there have been ways throughout history where women were mistreated, used, neglected and disrespected. Possibly giving reason that women don’t take as many risks. At least big ones. And still. It’s time to change that. And only we can do it.

This isn’t to say that thorough investigation and due diligence isn’t in order. Yes, by all means, do your homework.

Then do something.

Maybe we wait because we just don’t want to do it. Maybe we want someone else to take the risk, the fall ... the glory. We don’t want to fail and don’t want to succeed.

So, we wait.

For the money, for the man, for the perfect moment, for everything to be just right.

But what is it costing you, now, to not go for your dreams? What is it costing you, now, to not leap towards the beauty and power and success and happiness and pleasure you deserve?

What is it costing you, now, to not live into the life you crave?

The leap doesn’t always have to be pretty, nor perfect (please not perfect!), nor graceful, nor always big.

It can start with small leaps.

But it just needs to happen. One leap. Then take another leap. Then another. Then another. You might change direction, depending on the results you are getting. No problem.

At least you are on the field and not watching from the stands. Watching your life pass you by.

As long as you are moving, in small significant ways, toward the core of your desires as a woman,

strong, powerful, confident, bold, radiant, fulfilled, joyful, juicy, divinely feminine, rapturous...

take the leap.

You are worthy. Right now. Exactly as you are. Because you are.

Rise up.

Take the leap.

With so much love and confidence in you,