The healthy way to strive, go for it, realize ambition...

from my very own the north coast of Australia in September 2015... One of my favorite words…


meaning:  "to release from or as if from a leash; set loose to pursue or run at will; to abandon control of"

Of course I’ve heard the word plenty of times. But this is how it came to me in a 10,000 volt charge from 36,000 feet in the air that scrambled my brain and lit me on fire. (While on the last leg of my long journey to Bali - in flight over the outback of Australia)

“The soul of my healthy competitiveness and ambition is the belief that I am enough…

When I don’t believe I’m enough, I engage in behaviors NOT to push myself. NOT to grow and stretch and learn. NOT to strive for excellence. But to prove to other people what I can DO. But when I start from a place of being enough; I’m still imperfect, I’m afraid, I’m super-vulnerable. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m also BRAVE and WORTHY of love and belonging. When I start from THAT place,

I am completely UNLEASHED.”

— from Brené Brown in a podcast interview with Tim Ferriss


I could seriously break this down, sentence by sentence, and do a post on each line. But here’s my summary and why this is so impactful.

People often think that when we focus on spirituality or mindfulness or personal growth, we will lose our competitive edge. Or we’ll be weakened in some way. Or other people will see us as weak, soft, less powerful. It can be very uncomfortable, even when our heart is pulling us to do the work.

(It is quite the opposite.)

If we are working on ourselves and trying to become better human beings, growing and transforming instead of staying in the same, fixed place of being “right,” we are fearful of being cast out. People will think we’re weird or different or we’ve “changed.” This is a very primal fear because being cast out of the pack or tribe, can mean certain death. The tribe is there to protect us. This mind mechanism is there to protect us as well. We just can't let it take over our entire lives.

So we “engage in behaviors NOT to push” ourselves. Because of a core belief of not being enough. We don’t trust ourselves with uncertainty. We don’t have a good track record. We’ve had failures. The fear of the unknown is overwhelming — “what will become of me without what I think I know, with the people that know it with me?”

But when I DO the work. When I sit in the discomfort. When I face the unknown. When I TRAIN to be my highest Self and work in conjunction with the Universe (and Spirit, and God.) When I take a long, hard look at myself, my life, my commitments, my results, and


I am unleashed.

I am able to tap into Infinite Power and Wisdom.

When I blaze my own trail and find a tribe that fills me up instead of allowing me to stay small, I find community and connection unlike I’ve ever known.

When I know that although feelings of imperfection, fear and vulnerability will come at any given moment, and that the absolute truth of WHO I AM is love, strength, and power — I find that I am “BRAVE and WORTHY of love and belonging,”

I know I AM enough.

When I come from THAT place. When that is what I hold in my heart. When that is how I see every single person I come in contact with — as a fellow traveler also brave and worthy of love and belonging...when that is how I see the world,

I change the world.

I create a ripple effect of radiance.

I am able to produce work in the world and create coming from a place of abundance and not scarcity.

The striving that comes from my soul is healthy and meaningful, not the perfectionism that traps me in constant worry about what others will think or trying to prove myself to someone else.

I am a lighthouse.

I am unleashed.

I am brave.

I am powerful.

I am confident.

I can do anything.

I produce previously unimaginable results.

I am capable of anything.

I am loving.

I am kind.

I am committed.

My world becomes lighter.

I walk lighter.

I am Light.

I am Love.



I am set free, set loose to pursue my life.

Without constraints or boundaries of who I thought I was.

When I am unleashed,

I am boundless.



“He who is willing to be the most uncomfortable, will not only be the bravest, but will rise the fastest.”  — Brené Brown.