The secret ingredient to life, happiness and cake


Can your intention, your focused energy, cause a change in the physical behavior of an object?

Sounds pretty bizarre right?

There is a movie called The People vs. The State of Illusion. It’s a documentary of sorts, set within a fictional story of redemption and freedom by a man who loses everything and winds up in prison. Wedged between the fictional scenes of the movie, are narrations by the movie’s creator, along with other real-life content that discusses the state of human nature and how we can break free from the prison of our narrow thinking.

One of the more science-driven documentary elements of the story was the portrayal of a research study done around intention, and if intention could change the physical structure of matter.

So, could the energy of one thing change the physical nature of another? Could intention be so strong as to disrupt the environment of something else?

A simple, small robot was programmed to roll around an open-topped box in a completely random pattern. Let’s say the box was 3 feet by 3 feet. Scientists tracked, by the roller ball on the bottom of the robot on the floor of the box, the exact pattern in which the robot travelled.

They then hatched several baby chicks in the box with the robot, while the robot was motionless in the center of the box. The chicks, trying to bond with the robot as “mom,” spent a lot of time around the robot. The chicks were fed very close to the robot as if the robot was feeding them.

After some time, the baby chicks were then separated from the robot and put into a different box, several inches away from the box with the “mama” robot.  The chicks all huddled at one end of their box, closest to the other box with the mombot, trying to be close to “her” again.

They turned the robot back on to roll around in its very random pattern.

Except it didn’t.

The robot did move around somewhat randomly,

but only on the half of the box closest to the baby chicks.

What?? This was a machine…a machine…responding to live baby chicks?

What does this mean and why should we care?

This was a simple and controlled environment, and a fairly simple experiment. The conclusion being it was the INTENTION – the strong and powerful unseen focused energetic purpose -- of the chicks that pulled and held the robot in the other box towards them.

The energy created by this strong intention was so powerful; it physically changed the environment within and around the robot, causing it to shift its movements and patterns.

That’s pretty HUGE in my mind.

This means the energy we create with our BEING, has a physical affect not only OUR thoughts, emotions and actions,

But the thoughts, emotions and actions of every ONE we come in contact with. And the physical nature and environment of every THING we are near.

Where we focus our attention and intention creates our experience and our reality.

What we focus on expands.

This is very powerful. Our FOCUSED ATTENTION AND INTENTION is that powerful.

Think of the effects you could have in your life, relationships, business, finances if you just


Sort of blows my mind and inspires me on many levels.

The work, the practice, is in making sure you set your mind, body and spirit in right alignment before making decisions, yelling at your kids, fighting with your spouse or over-reacting to anything.

The mindset you have at any given moment will direct the course of your life,

which is the single string of all your moments.

So even if we can’t read your mind,

We can feel your being.

And it matters.

This also reminded me of something very personal.

My very favorite dessert in the whole world was my Nanny’s (my mom’s mom who was somewhat an Angel on earth) pineapple-coconut cream cheese cake. She would make it every year for me on my birthday.

It was three layers of pure heaven with pineapple chunks and juice in the batter, and coconut and pineapple in the cream cheese icing. I can smell it and taste it and see it right now.

Sure, there were and are other pineapple coconut cakes out there. But none like this.

She always joked, with the sweetest of smiles and twinkle in her eye, that there was indeed a secret ingredient in her special cake. Something no one else had.

It was the purest and most powerful in life and I’ve never seen anyone give it so effortlessly, freely and consistently.

It was her love.

That was her intention.

And I can still feel it.