This got me fired UP.

Several weeks ago I read a quote from a very, VERY, VERY popular blogger. It came in the signature portion of an email I received. “Jesus loves me this I know, for he gave me Lexapro.”

I was dumbfounded and still haven’t recovered.

Those words hurt me on a deep, deep level. Now, I realize it’s supposed to be light and funny, but it’s not to me. It’s very real permission to lead a numbed life.

(In case you don't know, Lexapro is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, used to treat depression and anxiety. It also carries quite a long list of possible side effects, including diarrhea, constipation, lack of sex drive, sleepiness and trouble sleeping.)

And using Jesus as the bait. Come on.

As someone whose life's work is to lead women to their joy, who wants you to know your power and experience the TRUE freedom you desire, I can't think of a worse message to send to hundreds of thousands of women.

"Come on...let's all be sedated together! It'll be fun! Approved by Jesus!"

This made me swear a lot. Like, "Are you fucking kidding me?" I’ve had to really calm down and gather myself before taking a stand on this. Partly because it can be controversial, and partly because I needed to look into my own heart to see where the anger was coming from.

You know what I discovered?

That feeling is actually a larger than life powerful, protective essence from the very core of my being. The center of my heart and the center of my bones. The old, wild, Women Who Run With The Wolves goddess part of me. And still, the society-approval-gathering-yes-but-there-are-people part of me started to argue.

But my Soul reared up, shaking her mane and thrashing her hooves and said, “Yes honey, you are one of those people. And you KNOW there is another way.”

It’s the very real voice that raged in me when I first read the words in the quote, “NO. NO. NOOOO…..DO NOT SAY THAT TO US!”

*Note: I’m certainly not a doctor and don’t want anyone running to the trash and dumping your meds if you have them. If you are committed to transforming your life in a natural and honest way, you will need assistance.*

It’s coming from the place that I fought (and continue to fight) tooth and nail to not fall prey to. As I came/come face-to-face over and over again with my darkness. With my shadow.

Making conscious choices to go through it. Not around it.

Sometimes not knowing how to get through another minute in my skin. Beating myself up for pretty much anything and everything, the perfection I wanted but could never attain, the joy I craved but could not hold, the passion I could only see glimpses of, the success just out of reach, the comparisons to evvvvveerrryyyyone else…

It’s the deepest part of me that screamed…I will not fall to the darkness, nor into the trap. Nor will I try to stop feeling it. It is there to show me the light. I can only get to the light, if I walk through the dark and am completely honest about what I might find.

No matter what…It will not take me.

It will take some, it took my mother, but it won’t take me. And if I numb it (through all sorts of different means from excessive alcohol to pills to food to gossip to TV to any other activity that pulls me out of myself,)


Ladies. Please...

I know life is messy and brutal and can be difficult and challenging and also unfailingly brilliant.

But we have a responsibility.

This is exactly what I talk about….every day. Every week.


We have a responsibility to LIVE. Full out…OUT LOUD.

Commit to life. Every last painful and beautiful detail. Ask for help. Inform yourself as to what habits and practices are good for you. What makes you feel less than. Whose energy drains you. Who lights you up. What makes you feel —

ANYTHING. If we can’t feel anything, we have blocked our main God-given messaging system. Is that the purpose of having a body? You think that was the Ultimate Divine Plan?

Is that how we are supposed to live?

What example are we setting? Do we really want to show the next generation a bunch of half-dead, half-hearted, drifting, confused, anxiety-ridden, depressed, stressed out, maxed out, flattened out mothers as their role models?


Our sons and daughters need — they deserve (‘cause I mean, we brought them here… it’s the least we can do) to see us LIVING. THRIVING. IN ACTION. BEING BOLD. BEING IN OUR DIVINE FEMININE POWER.


Living our unique expression and singing the song only we can sing.

We must learn to tell the truth about who we are, what we are capable of, and what we desire. About every piece of us. And surround ourselves with people who will support our Truth. That is community. That is connection.

That is freedom.

We have a responsibility to our children to live as whole, complete human beings. That make mistakes. And RISE BACK UP AGAIN. We don’t always take perfect action, but the Spirit inside is always pure. We have to learn to trust ourselves, to trust our inner voice.

Living in this way takes guidance, support from others on the path…and practice.

Your “real” life, is outside the box of everything you think you know.

So please listen now:

You are better than what is being shoved down your throat by mainstream society/media.

You deserve more.

You deserve to transform your life, not just medicate survive it.

You deserve to live happy and free and fulfilled. Every. Day.

You deserve to have people in your life that will support who you are.

You deserve to burn all the masks — the mommy mask, the wife mask, the lover mask, the friend mask, the worker mask, the business owner mask, the daughter mask — and be ONLY YOU. When you show up TO all those different places in your life as YOU all the time, your life will open up in ways you can’t even imagine. You’ll create space…and time. And have a lot more energy.

You deserve to have energy.

You deserve love of the highest order.

You deserve ease and grace.

You deserve to be pampered.

You deserve to be worshipped.

You deserve to make money. And lots of it if you want.

You deserve to use your outside voice.

You deserve to be YOU. Unleashed.


Come out.

It’s time to shine.

#livingunleashed  ||   #whenwelifteachotherwerisetogether

Loving you,