Using the FedEx guy to tame an inflamed soul

87586AB625 Chronic inflammation in the physical body will present itself in systems, cells, and organs being inflamed. It's also true that what we ingest and put into our bodies is directly related to our state of inflammation and physical health. Whether we are aware of it or not, we literally are what we eat, drink, inhale and so on.

When our physical bodies are inflamed it means we are out of balance and usually have an array of symptoms presenting themselves as sickness/fatigue, and can ultimately lead to dis-ease. All of this is well-documented and there are many programs, cleanses, and ways to treat the physical body for inflammation.


But what about an inflamed soul?


And is that a bad thing?

Over the weekend, a book of poetry -- salt by nayyirah waheed -- arrived in my mailbox from (of course) Amazon. I’ve been seeing some of her work recently on a few blogs I follow and it is blowing my mind, so I ordered it. Wow. This is bone-rattling work.

Stark simplicity is the background to words strung together in such a way that sends an electric wave straight up my spine.

“you are a sea of light.

open your eyes.

see yourself.”

— nayyirah waheed, salt

So simple. So powerful.

See yourself. Seeing your own light. It’s hard to do sometimes.

Water for an inflamed soul.

Our physical bodies send us messages all the time. (Mostly we just ignore them, or numb them.) So are our souls sending us messages too?

Yeah, I think so.

Emotions (soul messages) are like the FedEx guy. He comes to your door with a package. “Oh, look! A message for me!” You sign for the package. You tell him thank you for the delivering the package. You open the package and receive the message.


You don’t invite the FedEx guy in for a drink. Or dinner. Or to stay the night. Or a week.


You get the message. You thank him. He leaves.

The same is true for our emotions. We don’t have to be so attached to what we are feeling to receive the message from our soul.

The way of the water would be to:

  • Have awareness that the emotion/message exists (Oh look! I'm feeling...)
  • Be grateful for the message (mmm…thank you soul, for sending the package)
  • Let. It. Go.

Ah, look! That thing you said really pissed me off! (EMOTION) Interesting. I wonder why? Why would I have that reaction? Maybe it’s because deep down I feel some truth in what you said and it made me feel small and unworthy.

THAT’S the message. Start there. That’s the work that needs to be done, because it really doesn’t have anything to do with's about you.


Going inside is where the water flows. It’s where our soul will be quenched with Truth.


Keeping soul inflammation down can be accomplished by creating a relationship to the feelings we actually WANT.  The ones underneath our desires: how we want to feel, with the people we want to be with, doing the work we want to do, in the life we want to live.

{Core Desired} Feelings lead us to our soul…to the oh-so-elusive Authentic Self.

Yeah, it’s possible. Everything is possible.

Find water. Come inside. We're waiting on you to shine.