What Focused Women Know That Drifting Women Don't

Have you ever seen a woman who can command a room in an instant? Have you ever wondered how it seems so easy for some people?

Where does that confidence come from?

From the boardroom to your neighbor’s living room, that woman shines. People are drawn to her. It’s something you can’t quite put your finger on.

She's healthy, her skin is glowing, she speaks with ease, she’s comfortable in her own skin. You want to hate her but you can’t because she’s charming and so damn nice.

She is focused. Vibrant. She knows who she is.

The problem is, most women are looking outside themselves for magic results.

Maybe it’s every fad diet, or crazy workouts, or wine, or the perfect job, or the perfect (or better) man.

OK, so what does Ms. Focused & Radiant do differently?

I’ve been fortunate to work with many women who’ve gone from “flat,” stuck, sluggish and unhappy, to healthy, happy and vibrant.

I’ve witnessed the transformation as women just like you reconnect with themselves in ways they never imagined possible.

They lost weight, smiled more, started loving food again, their bodies again, and were happier in their personal and professional relationships.

Most of the time women hire me because they’ve tried what seems like everything to get results and nothing seems to work.

Here’s what focused and radiant women know that drifting women don't.

What doesn’t work: Being a Victim

  • A victim: That woman who doesn’t take responsibility and blames everything and everyone outside of her for why she’s not getting the desired results she claims she wants.
  • She doesn’t really know what she wants and is constantly drifting, not committed to herself or anything else. What she is committed to is being a victim.
  • Confused, anxious, depressed, flat and stuck; regardless of how “successful” or unsuccessful she appears to be to everyone else. Life always seems to be getting in the way of her dreams.
  •  She blames other people and situations for constantly blocking her happiness and interfering in her life.

What works: Being a Creator

  •  When a woman is embodying freedom ~ her free spirit ~ she owns her life.
  •  She is creating her life (her health, career, relationships, family, etc.) on purpose, with intention.
  • She takes responsibility for her thoughts, emotions, actions and decisions.
  • She knows what she wants, how she wants to feel, and is committed to getting it.
  • She creates power by taking a stand in, and for, her life.
  • She is up to something.
  • She knows where she’s going.
  • A radiant woman lives in full awareness of herself and her life.

What does this look like?

She chooses nutritious, healthy food that is right for HER body. She knows how and what she eats makes all the difference in setting the foundation for clarity in mind, body and spirit.

She takes time for herself and implements self-care practices into her daily/weekly/monthly schedule.

She gets plenty of rest.

She uses meditation and/or stillness practice to lower cortisol and become aware of her thoughts.

She moves her body in ways that are exciting and natural for HER.

She’s disciplined in her routine, but also knows how to have fun. She’s no wallflower.

She’s completely open and honest in all of her relationships, without fear of judgment or confrontation.

She communicates clearly and with compassion.

She shows up for herself and the people in her life with power.

When she makes a mistake, or slides on her commitments to herself, she doesn’t beat herself up or give up. She gets back on the path as soon as possible and keeps on going.

She knows that confidence comes from taking action, even when she doesn’t feel confident at all.  Confidence doesn’t come before taking action, it is a RESULT of taking action.

She makes every decision in her life based on HER desired results.

And it's not that she does ALL of these ALL the time in complete harmony. But she has awareness of how she wants her life to operate, and uses the tools she has learned to get herself back on track strongly and swiftly.

She is bold, radiant and takes a stand for her desires.