What's your answer?


Several years ago, I had a dream.

One of those spooky dreams that wakes you up in a cold sweat. (...this is an absolutely true story.)

The short version :: Scott and I were alone in the mountains of NC. We were picking up our kids from camp the next day.

We were in our same routine of what we always did, since the beginning of our relationship.

That night, I had a dream of him (but it wasn’t really him, you know how dreams are all weird that way) shouting at me,

“Why don’t you WAKE UP?”

(Note: he’s a light sleeper and I am a VERY heavy sleeper, so this has been an ongoing conversation in our relationship.)

I felt half in this world and half not. In some sort of limbo half-conscious state, dreaming that I was dreaming that I was dreaming.

Then, something(or one) L I F T E D me to an upright seated position, stared at me fully in the face, saying over and over,

“Why don’t you wake up?” Forcefully. Powerfully. And something brushed against both cheeks. In a pulling motion.

I looked over in the darkened haze and Scott was completely crashed…totally asleep.

I know.

Super weird and hard to believe. But there it is.

I made a decision then to live an awakened life. It was a very clear message to wake up. Not to a perfect life, but one where I was no longer hiding from myself or anyone else. One where the truth, however painful or joyful, must be given it’s time in front of me…facing me, until I looked it in the eye.

Since that dream, there have been many instances where the pain of my absolute Truth smacked me in the face. With coaches, at workshops, in classes, at retreats, and in relationships. Not always easy, but always transformative and appreciated.

All that juxtaposed with such intense gratitude and joy, it is hard to hold within my human body.

I've learned my Truth will always be testing me. This challenge is always accepted. No matter how much I want to run away. {from the pain or the joy}

These are the times that formed, and continue to form, who I am now.

And more importantly … who I am becoming.

For all women, this is my wish. To be so radically honest with yourself and what you want, that it both brings you to your knees and lifts you into a brightly lit power you have known, deep inside, but didn’t think you could access.

Tapping the wildness and wisdom long forgotten; the feminine energy that was made “inappropriate” or “not acceptable.”

Laying down the judgment from the world of being “too much:”

too loud, too sexy, too tall, too thin, too short, too fat, too smart, too quiet, too strong, too bold, too bitchy…just…too… much everything.

No more.

We need not take so seriously what anyone else thinks of us, because they are taking what is and interpreting what’s happening through their own filter. We all do this.

We take actual circumstances and create stories around them based on old subconscious programming, and then operate in life now as if the story we created is the reality.

Once we create this story, we take it and run it in our minds and it lives as the truth.

But it’s just an interpretation. And many times, a wild one at that.

So how do we get out of our story?

By staying as present as possible and engaged in what’s actually happening right now, as it is. Not whatever judgments and drama we want to add, or that anyone else wants to add.

We must always come back to our own awakened truth. What makes us feel alive and authentic.

This is the collective dream…a revolution of fulfilled, alive, emboldened, awakened women.

We are being asked to wake up in the world, and live with purpose and power. To create ourselves as leaders…in our families, in our communities, in our businesses.

The Dalai Lama has said it will be the Western woman who changes the world.

I believe that. And it starts with one. With me and with you. (OK that's two of us...) We can create a ripple effect.

It is our responsibility to live our dreams. To make the absolute most from our short time on this planet, feeling ALL the feelings. From the heart. From taking a stand of leadership. To build things and relationships that matter. 

Because it's all for joy. Bold. Radiant. Joy.