When are the conditions ever really right?


We wait for them. We try to create them. We covet them. We blame them.

The timing isn't right. It's too windy. Too cold. Too hot. I'm too tired. I don't do that. It's raining. I haven't heard back yet. I need more information. It's too wet. This isn't the right group. The music is bad. My head hurts. I'm afraid. I just don't know.

Are the conditions ever really right to do anything?

There will always be something. The weather. Your state of being. Your health. Money. Someone else's conditions. What the group wants. 

Today, I had jet lag from traveling on the west coast (unusual for me.) I made a commitment to myself on this trip to improve my physical state and fitness, in a big way. The conditions for me staying in bed a little longer this morning were ideal. I couldn't get to sleep last night. We've been traveling. I have so much to catch up on today. Do I even have any clean clothes? 

There will always be conditions. Reasons. All the things your lizard brain will tell you to stay comfortable.

Growth doesn't happen when you're comfortable. Change doesn't happen when everything is just right. It happens when you make a move. Get messy. Take a stand.

It happens when you do what you say you're going to do -- without complaining -- despite the conditions.

And yeah, I got my ass out of bed and worked out.

Me - 1

Conditions/Reasons/Excuses - 0

Love and commitment,