When that thing is driving you crazy...

Stay in it.

You know that thing you're thinking about, or doing, or considering? That thing you are dreaming about? That change you want to make/business to start/project to ramp/team to lead/balance to achieve?

There could be moments of confusion. There will be frustration. Discomfort. Unease. Buts, shoulds and hows.

There will be questions.

You may doubt yourself, or the idea, or the process, or the result, or other people.

You may wonder what it's all for?

Gather information. Do your research. Ask questions. Ask for guidance. Get support. 

And ultimately, connect with and tune in to your own body (she always knows.) 

Stay in it.

You'll want to look away. You'll want to run. You'll want to be told the answers, to be told what to do to make it easier. More comfortable.

Don't turn away. Don't run away. Don't distract or numb or find reasons.

Maybe you reach the target you set, or maybe it's a dud, or you get new information and you change course.

Or maybe you create a completely different target that way surpasses the original and expands you in unimaginable ways. A target that creates brand new possibilities.

Because the clarity you seek that's just around the corner from confusion, frustration, discomfort and unease doesn't come from getting handed the answers. 

It comes from asking great questions.

Where am I in the thing? Who am I being? What do I want? What difference can I make? What is the result I/we seek?

Then making a decision based on what is authentic and in alignment for you (and your people.)

Because waiting on the other side -- 

is excitement. determination. devotion. gratitude. confidence. commitment.

and JOY.

Sit in the middle of it. Look it dead in the eye and say . . .

Bring It.

{I matter.}


Big life and love,