When writing to music and reflecting on all the amazing women…


{written to Something by The Beatles, and others. Photo from the Center for Women Conference on February 19, 2016 in Charleston, SC. Pictured from left, Gervase Kolmos, me, Kate Berrio, and Amy Brennan, former Executive Director for the Center for Women.}

there’s something in the way she moves…

The more women I speak to, the more clarity I gain on the awakening beauty and power that is occurring in the world. Sometimes we are aware. Sometimes we have a feeling, a fire, and we’re not sure what form it will take. We just feel something shifting in our core.

And because one of the things we do best is feel, it’s not something we can ignore. Please don’t ignore it. Our feelings are the messages from our soul.

What I know — There is an infinite field of grace, light, and possibility surrounding us all.

I wish you could see it as clearly as I do. The magic you can create. The life just beyond what is out of your range of seeing.

In your pain. Your laugh. Your energy. Your eyes. Your grip. Your wanting.

Your kitchen floor.

Your letting go.

We are all connected in that moment. It is the bond that creates the Lift…the Rise.

You are not alone.

come together…

The most magical thing happens when we circle together…this field magnifies the potential of the group that comes together with the intention of growth. Of service. Of giving. Of living an authentic, powerful life.

We radiate. Passion, purpose and power.


If you could see what I see…

maybe I’m amazed…

I am amazed at your power.

honored by your presence.

inspired by your strength.

lifted by your resilience.

motivated by your actions.

moved by your words.

humbled by your vulnerability.

held by your compassion.

impressed by your talent.

touched by your soul.

encouraged by your kindness.

galvanized by your devotion.

delighted by your humor.

consumed by your radiance.

here comes the sun…

You are all these and so much more.So much more.

Take action when I say this to you. You don’t even have to believe me…just yet.

Just take action on your life. Move forward. Love fully. Laugh out loud.

Use your outside voice.

Shine from your undiminished spirit.

We’ll be there for you.

Taking the road less traveled. Together.

one thing I can tell you is you got to be free…

When she glows, she moves the world.

When she glows, there will be a ripple effect of radiance.

When she glows, all around her will be lit.

When she glows, life will expand.

When she glows, she will be full of life, love, joy and

she will be free.


And the world around her will be enhanced by her Being, by her movement, by her joy, by her love.

By her remembering who she is.

let it be…

{to listen to the playlist on Spotify...click image below. I highly recommend this.}

loving you,