This is my life’s work. As a coach and leader for women, I am committed to all women seeing and experiencing themselves as powerful creators.

A few common threads that occur in conversations with my clients and community are:

What it means to be a woman who demonstrates self-leadership, with power, passion, purpose and grace. Self-leadership is at the core of becoming more of who you are as a human being, removing obstacles to create a powerful way of Being. All women are leaders, whether your work is in the home, out of the home or a combination of both.

Accessing and connecting with the feminine expression of power, the essence of being a woman. When you are fully connected to your Being – body, mind and spirit – you are unstoppable. Power is in the access of being present in each moment, seeing life as it’s happening, and taking action.

You matter. This is a shift that changes lives. It changed mine. Coming to life from a place of I Matter, is a simple yet unbelievably powerful way to be in the world. Not only do you see yourself as mattering in every situation, you know you are enough, you are unconstrained and you can handle all that life offers.

On a very limited basis, I work with clients in a one-on-one coaching relationship. My minimum time commitment is six months. The investment is your 100% commitment and $25,000.  This is a partnership like no other you will have in your life.

Also, I lead women in powerful group coaching programs and live experiences. More on these here

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