What are you full of?


In this week of thanks, we’ll all be reflecting on the things that fill us with gratitude.

Family. Friends. Love. Peace. Warmth. Charity. Service. Giving. Kindness. Children.

Holidays tend to make us look back in time, remembering previous days of being young and celebrating with family and friends. For many of us, there is a sense of freedom associated with these memories. A freedom that may be harder to touch in the present time.

And of course, there’s always a hearty feast of traditional (or non-traditional) food to fill our bodies.

As we feel FULL in every sense of the word, I wonder about all the ways we might feel full-ness in our lives.

  • thankful
  • grateful
  • bountiful
  • thoughtful
  • powerful
  • useful
  • graceful
  • beautiful
  • playful
  • helpful
  • careful
  • blissful
  • mindful
  • peaceful
  • soulful
  • wonderful

There’s also another list of words to consider. Other ways we can be full:

  • boastful
  • shameful
  • doubtful
  • tearful
  • resentful
  • harmful
  • painful
  • blameful
  • deceitful
  • disrespectful
  • fearful
  • stressful
  • vengeful


Ponder both lists for a minute. Reading them as “full of __________.”


Which ones are resonating with you right now?

How many from each list do you feel?

Are you full of grace? Full thanks? Full of wonder?

Or are you full of stress? Full of shame? Full of fear? 



What are you going to choose to be full of?



How will you feed yourself?


The language you ingest and live on, will create the reality you live in.


Be careful of the shameful words and thoughts that have the possibility of creating a stressful holiday. Be full of awareness. Be full of presence. 


Be graceful and practice mindfulness to create a blissful and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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The secret to being exceptional at sales, and we're ALL selling something...

Being good at sales is an exceptional skill that all successful people carry.

Some people have the knack…they can sell ANYTHING. Copy machines. Vacuum cleaners. Skin care. Supplements. Clothes. Stocks. It doesn’t matter.

Realizing that success is a complex term that means something different for everyone, for this purpose, let’s think of it from it’s Latin/Middle English roots as “have the desired result, thrive, prosper, grow; to accomplish what is intended.”

Every single one of us, doing whatever it is we do everyday, is selling.

This has been a hard concept for me to grasp, and, at the same time, it's completely fascinating and exciting.

As a mom, have you ever tried to convince your kid to eat vegetables by making faces out of celery, carrots, raisins and grape tomatoes? Or maybe you put kale in a smoothie. Or zucchini in some bread? You were selling. *an idea*

As a spouse, have you ever tried to talk your love into a dinner, vacation, some "special time," a night out, a night in, piece of clothing, house to buy, toy to buy? Oh yeah. You were selling. *a better life, more passion, fun*

Of course this can be found all through businesses of every kind. If you are in business, even a non-sales business, you are selling.

Think of all the people you know that you consider to be very successful by our definition above…monetary success can be included or not, up to you.

It could be that he can sell medical equipment to turkeys in Alaska.

Or she somehow talks her kids into washing both cars every Saturday, cleaning their rooms, and they have spinach and eggs for breakfast, all before 8:30am.

Or she thought of the most incredible, creative solution to a chronic problem within her company and sold it with ease and confidence to the CFO, CEO and all the other C’s, walking through the lobby on the way to lunch. No 2-hour presentation needed.

I've never thought of myself as a good “salesperson” and actually had an aversion to the word. Somehow it felt fake or inauthentic. Like sales was something for those people who were tricksters, could spin a tale for their own benefit, regardless if it was of benefit to the person being sold to.


Wow. Was I way off.


The people that are exceptional at sales and selling, whether it’s a great mom, or top real estate agent, or auto dealer, or middle management, or exercise studio, all practice (either knowingly or by instinct) a common belief.


What they are selling doesn’t matter.


Because what they are actually selling is




They are selling how they see the world…their worldview. They are selling an invitation to their Magic.


And the reason they are so good at it?


It’s the story they are telling.


And you know the most important person they are telling this story to?




The stories you tell yourself about who you are will determine how successfully you can translate how you see the world, and ultimately, what you are selling, to other people.


It’s the Story of You that will determine the bottom line. From how your kids eat to your monthly sales targets to how much you sex you have. 


It’s all sales. And the only thing you are ever actually selling…


is you.


And the most important receiver of that pitch?


is you.


The story you tell yourself everyday is the most important story of them all.


Make it exceptional.


And make it real.

When it's just not happening...

Sometimes, we are shaky.

Sometimes, there are several things jockeying for our attention.

There will be times when we are distracted. Not all together, altogether.

Maybe Mercury is in retrograde.

Maybe it’s a new moon. Or a full moon.

Or someone said something that you just. can’t. let. go. of.

Maybe the cycle of your day or week just got away from you.

The kid across the street threw a rock through your window.

Or someone keyed your car. 

A very angry customer (not necessarily rightly angry…) comes in and complains about your business, or a silly charge.

Your kid is not making decisions that you think are the right decisions. (Depending on the age…this can be especially triggering.)

Your mom/husband/best friend/ex/sister just absolutely laid into you.

Or maybe your hormones are fluctuating and you just feel…off.




These things are all external factors in a world in which you have no control, but have a choice as to how you see it.

The only thing you can control is your response to these factors.

Sometimes, you respond in accordance with your higher Self. And maaayyyyybe sometimes you don’t. So there.

Keep doing your work.

Making the distinction between distractions and what needs your attention is a practice that cannot be overlooked. It is crucial.

It's the difference between going in circles and creating a powerful stance in life.



(credit to my dear friend Kim Percival for that one...)


And you make this determination by how you feel.  Distractions are going to make you feel constricted and tight. Cause anxiety. Upset. Working through these will make for more ease and lightness. And efficiency.

Efficiency is a highly powerful trait.

So is Magic.

Creating the possibility and environment for Magic is a practice of the highest order.

Magic is where flow happens. Where creativity will show up to you with the art (aka life) you seek.

It requires patience and trust. That is all it asks. Yet those are two qualities that can be very hard to come by on certain days. 

Create and maintain the practices in your life that keep you balanced, effective, efficient, calm, clear and (somewhat) sane.

And then, just when you’re not looking, it happens.



Your life is your art. When you make tough choices in favor of your soul, you’re making a masterpiece out of your existence.
— Danielle LaPorte


The One Investment That Always Pays

We are always interested in investments that pay. You put your hard earned money or time or energy into a thing, and that thing pays you back more than your initial investment…score!

Whether it’s putting money into stocks or real estate, banking hours at the gym, feeding our bodies with nutritious food, or devoting energy to our business, we expect (or at least would love) for those investments to give us a return. For more money, a better body, more energy or a growing business, we provide resources in order to move that particular area forward into positive territory.

But those investments can be risky and sometimes don’t turn out so well. Some things are out of our control.

The stock market crashes. Banks implode. People borrow more money than they should. The real estate market tanks. We get injured and stop going to the gym (or the myriad of other “reasons” we stop going to the gym.) We slip on our diet. Our manager suddenly quits or we get laid off.

Most areas can have interruptions or be affected by outside sources at a rapid pace that is not always within our control.

So, in order to maintain consistency (and sanity) in our lives, where can we make a solid investment that ALWAYS pays us back?

The ONE greatest asset you will ever have.




Making a commitment to your own personal growth will always pay you a return. You will never be disappointed.

Stepping into transformation always works. Always.

If you commit to yourself and do the work.

I know this as certainly as I am sitting here writing this, because I have lived it. And still continue to invest in myself and my growth as a person, writer, coach and entrepreneur.

It’s been worth every single penny (and it’s been LOTS AND LOTS of pennies.)

The experiences — travel, retreats, workshops, programs, private sessions — and teachers and coaches I have had the privilege to work with have changed my life. Every part of my life. And my relationship TO life.

I’ve learned to invest my money, my time, and my energy into places, people and things that allow me to see myself and the world in ways I would have never seen before. I’m always being stretched and challenged to expand into the life that I want to create.

I won't settle for only what I can see, because there's so much out there I can't see...yet.

So, here is some free coaching advice — if you were to ask:

  • See your life as something you are creating, not as a series of random events that just happen to you. Random things will happen, as most things are out of our control…the choice comes in how you react or respond to those events. You are always creating something. Why not create something amazing instead of average?
  • How you spend your moments in between the events of life can either build on beauty or devolve into destruction.
  • If you've done the work, you will seize opportunities instead of sliding into a victim state.
  • Stop wasting time or energy in areas that don’t feed your soul. After becoming clear on how YOU want to feel in every part of your life, refuse to squander your days. You don’t get them back.
  • How you spend you time matters. What you watch matters. What you read matters. Do not let yourself be programmed by a culture that wants to keep you numb and following the mob mentality. There are amazing, creative, brilliant people and ideas out there…find them. Be one of them.

THE number one feeling that comes up in every workshop and in every conversation I have with women that I work with is that we want to feel




We want to get back to the sense of freedom we had as girls. Before the world told us how we should look, what we should say, how we should act, who we should associate with and what we should do. 

We want that sense of our wild pure nature to return. We want to let our Inner Wild Goddess out to play. 

We were told to be afraid of her. To not be too powerful. Too loud. Too smart. Too opinionated. Too much of …. anything really.


But you know what?


She is like the best kept, top-secret, most elite, high-end, most well-rounded, most creative, most lucrative, most powerful, most bad-ass, most valuable asset portfolio out there.

She is ready to take action. She knows exactly what needs to happen to move you towards the life you crave. She’s strong and kind and confident and loving and innovative and productive and feminine and sexy and capable.

And she plays very well with others like her. So when she finds friends, she’ll do everything she can to help her sisters rise. This…is the power of community.


Invest in her. 


She’s your secret weapon.

It's time to kick a...

 Truthbomb card by Danielle LaPorte

Truthbomb card by Danielle LaPorte

I don't know about you, but I've waited long enough. It's time to start kicking ass. 

Sorry to be so blunt. warning :: strong language ahead.

Actually, I’m not sorry.

You can take it. I know you can.

I speak to a lot of women. I know a lot of women. I love a lot of women. I work/have worked with a lot of women. In my chosen career (which fulfills me and lights me on fire), there are common threads I hear and see all the time that I want you to be aware of. I mean really hear me, and let this soak into your bones. 

One :: You are insanely talented. 

All of you, even just within a 10 mile radius of my house, have so much creativity and talent it’s ridiculous. And it’s not being used. It’s so plainly obvious. Or you’ve stepped your toe in something and haven’t fully committed and seen it through. You’re stuck. You’ve plateaued. You’re not sure what you want to do, or what to do next. How to start, or how to grow. Or you’re doing something that you don’t want to be doing. This sounds like:

“I just want more. I want to feel my life more. I want more real connections. I want to feel fulfilled. I want to express my desires. I want to know what I want. I want to feel free.”

First — it’s OK. It happens. I've been there. That’s how we learn. You’re exactly where you are supposed to be right now. AND…

Second — quit that shit. Quit the addiction of talking in circles and take action. The talent that YOU have is unique to you and no one else on earth. If you don’t use it, we don’t get to hear it. Ever. It will be lost. Simple.

Use it. Start it. Commit to it. Love it. Nurture it. See it through. Get unstuck. Get help. Get support. Rise Up. Find out. Grow. Grow. Grow. Expand. 

There'll be contraction and expansion during the process and it’s OK. One day you’ll feel like the entire universe lives within you (and it does.) And the next day you’ll feel like the only thing you're good at is making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Maybe. Then you realize the bread is stale. 

It’s OK. It happens. That’s how we learn. But don’t let the contraction stay for an extended sleepover. Don't invite it in for dinner. Don't over-medicate it (or at all). And really don’t book it’s long-term lease with nightly crap television, not getting enough sleep, Chardonnay or vodka. 

Work through it. Keep Going. Don’t Stop. Sometimes you will be uncomfortable. Dial a friend. Take a bath. Go for a walk. Call ME. Or go to my blog and read some old posts. This one will do.

Anything, just don’t settle. You are worth so much more than how you think of yourself right now. If you could just see what I see. The depth and beauty and talent and power of you. It’s breathtaking.

Another one :: You don’t have to do what anyone says.

Including me. Or believe what they say. It's none of your business. Trust yourself. Trust how you feel. This takes practice because many of us have lost the ability to trust ourselves. Practice this trust. Be still, find it, hold it, and as one of my favorite writers, Danielle LaPorte, says quite eloquently, “Do the fucking work.” You’re worth it.

And another one :: You are enough. Right now. No matter WHAT happened before. Rise Up. 

You’re not too old. You’re not too young. You don’t need anyone’s permission. (But if you're convinced you do, I’m giving it to you…now. Go.) 

Be who you need to be. This Life is a gift…your gift. Use it. My new favorite song says, “blessed are these days and sacred are these nights.” And they are fleeting.

Last one for now ::  Money is not the enemy.

Abundance or lack is a state of mind. Just like healing. What starts there, is how the external flow will go. Lack in the mind, lack in the life. Tightness in the mind, tightness in the life (and the business.) Strategic planning based on definiteness of purpose in the mind, money wisely spent, plans efficiently executed, business smoothly/profitably run. Expansion in the mind, your world will expand in ways you never dreamed. Opportunities, possibilities will appear.

There is nothing wrong with spending money (not talking about shopping addictions here), or saving money, or making money. More women in business — running, working and owning — means a better planet and future for our children.

Wait…one more :: reasons are nothing but excuses.

The only thing standing between you and the life/business/body/relationship you desire, want, crave...


is you.


Knock that bitch over.

It’s Time To Kick Ass and Live Your Life.

I knew you could take it.