Feel the Vibration


What you believe about yourself and what you deserve to have, is reflected in how you eat.

Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food and God

You are what you eat.

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In light of my 14-Day Detox coming up September 9th and today being the LAST day to get the Early Bird (or as my friend Mimi says, the Early Byrd) $40 discount, this week's post is about FOOD and ENERGY and VIBRATION.   I promise you will think differently about food the next time you grab a snack or are standing in the cookie/cracker isle at the grocery store!


Food is energy.

That doesn’t seem too difficult for most people to understand.  Food is fuel for our bodies.  And we probably all now realize that the healthier, and cleaner, our fuel is, the healthier our bodies are.

But the next time you grab something out of the pantry or refrigerator, or order a meal at a restaurant, or are standing in the grocery wondering what to make for dinner, take a good look at what is in your hand or on your plate and ask yourself these questions:

  • How much energy is in this?

We understand from elementary science that the sun is the primary source of energy for life on earth.  But do you think about the sun’s energy when you are eating?  Food that retains as much energy from the sun as possible is the best, cleanest, most nutrient dense food to eat.

Quick quiz:  Which has more of the energy from the sun, kale or a box of Oreos?

You’re right!!  Kale!  A leafy green that has sprouted from the earth, been nourished by the rain and enjoyed receiving the sun’s rays for growth, stores much more clean energy than a machine produced, chemical-laden combination of sugar, fat and salt - the most addictive combination for your taste buds.  And worst for your waist-line and long-term energy.

  • How much energy will this give me?

Let’s go back to our kale and Oreo example.  If you give your body a chance to derive it’s energy from natural, organic sources that have grown from the ground, or a tree, or a vine, (or ate something from these sources) it will be a much more efficient energy machine and hum like a high performance sports car.  If your body is trying to slug out some energy from a highly addictive combination of “food like substances” that have been sitting in a box, on a shelf -  for months possibly, from a truck, from a manufacturing plant in who-knows-where, your body WILL NOT operate as efficiently.

  • Is this “alive” or “dead?”

Again, think about kale and Oreos. (I am picking on Oreos.  Really any processed food from a carton or box.)  We want to fuel our bodies with foods that are full of life.  That have been nourished by the sun and rain and good nutrient dense soil.

Ideally, our food should not have ingredients.  Or if it does, the ingredients should be entirely pronounceable and recognizable as food.  And should not be more than 3-5 total.  (I'm not talking about recipes using fresh ingredients.)

As my fave food writer Michael Pollan says, “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”  And my next favorite Pollan quote, “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.”

  • Is this a high vibration food or low vibration food?  And how do I feel right now?

All of the cells in our bodies are vibrating at a certain rate.  Likewise, the cells of plants (and all living things) are vibrating as well.  If we want to raise our energy levels, we need to raise our vibration.  When we are treating our bodies well with exercise, good nutrition, adequate rest and keeping a low stress level, we exist at a higher vibration.  We will continue to make those good choices to stay in a high vibrational state.

If we are consuming foods with a low vibration -- highly processed meats and packaged foods, and foods high in sugar, salt and fat -- our bodies will have lower vibration and we will have lower energy levels.  Lower vibration/energy causes are also lack of exercise/movement of the body, high stress levels and inadequate rest.  Having lower energy will trip the cycle of craving lower vibration foods, or “comfort foods” aimed at bringing us comfort.  In actuality, that comfort-energy keeps us trapped in the vicious cycle of low energy.

Here's to making good choices, having tons of energy, and a HIGH vibration!

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