5 Tips for Thriving the Holidays


There are plenty of HOW-TO lists out there for surviving the holidays.  Eat this, don't eat that.  Fast until the party. Eat before you go to the party.  Learn how to say no.Yep.  Heard it.  Got it.


How about THRIVING?

1.  Exercise  

NOW.  There’s no reason to wait until January to activate your gym membership.  Do the OPPOSITE of what everyone else will be doing!  There are so many things you can do right now.  Go for a walk everyday.  Stretch for 15 minutes in your house.  Go ahead and start a regular yoga practice.  Or try CrossFit.  Or a dance class.  Or a Barre class.  Go back to class.  Get moving.  There’s really no excuse.  You’re not too busy.

What are you waiting for?

2.  Food

Start "crowding out" the foods that don’t fuel your life.  That means, instead of worrying about every cookie & crumb you consume from now until January, focus on ADDING IN healthy foods (aka - veggies & lean protein) as much as possible...NOW.  You will naturally start to gravitate towards healthier choices.

What, really, are you waiting for?

3.  Go Green 

Holiday Kale
Holiday Kale

This is part 2 of #2 :)  Eat as many green vegetables as you can each day.  Even if you’re at a Christmas party and have sliders, gooey bars, crab dip,  and 7 mini quiches on your plate and a Poinsetta chilled in your other hand, go back and put something green on that plate.  Even a celery stick.  It will send your heart and soul a message that you do still care.  You haven’t thrown in the Christmas tea towel just yet!

What are you waiting for?

4.  Breathe

You probably know by now (or maybe not) how much I believe in meditation/mindfulness practice.  Take a few minutes each day to calm yourself down.  Things can get pretty hectic and we can burn out fast this time of year.  Leading to more stress and tension in our bodies and in our relationships.  When your dog starts avoiding you when you walk in the door, it’s time to shut down for a minute.  Restart.  Reset.  Give thanks for all that IS working and good and priceless.  There is so much if we take the time and open our hearts.

What are you waiting for?

5.  BE

the person you need to be to achieve what you desire.  You want to go to the neighborhood party and only have 2 drinks instead of 6?  BE that person.  You want to just say no to the endless supply of holiday treats in the office?  BE that person who says no.  They really aren't treats, by the way.

Who would you have to BE in order to make that happen?

What would you have to be thinking in order to feel like you might cave?

What are you believing that's not true?

What are you waiting for?


When thinking about 2014, RETHINK heavy generalized goal-setting.  While setting goals are somewhat effective for some people, for a large group of folks, it is an exercise in set-up and failure, creating guilt and shame.  Our conscious mind makes a decision and sets a goal.  “Yes!  This will work.  I really want this goal.”  But we have programming in our subconscious mind that will sabotage our efforts in reaching that goal.

Maybe it sounds like:

"I am going to lose 30 pounds this year and keep it off, for good.  And eat better, and exercise regularly.  Yes!"

All very valid and healthy goals.  But with a detailed plan, including identifying how and where you can possibly sabotage your success, you can keep yourself off the couch with pizza and ice cream on Super Bowl Sunday.

Instead, make specific agreements with yourself.

"I am going to cook dinner for myself 5 nights this week and only eat out twice.  (Then plan out the meals, make a shopping list and do some prep work to make it easy.)

 I am going to eat something green everyday.

 I am going to go to yoga on Mon Wed and Fri, and walk on Tues and Thur mornings." BE the person who will carry out the plan.

(more on agreements vs. goals over the next few weeks)

What are you waiting for? Who are your waiting for? Santa to bring you enlightenment, perfect clarity, inner peace and a 24 inch waist? Things to calm down?

Not gonna happen.

The perfect plan? (Wait, I have that :)  www.detoxwithangie.com

You don't have to wait to make changes in your life.  Your life is happening NOW.  Your health is NOW.  1/1/2014 are just numbers on a page.

You are waiting for YOU... to show up.   so do it.  be it.  now.

Then on January 6th, we'll get serious about those results!

So what ARE you waiting for?

love + all things green,


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