go on...just say yes


Whew!  I can't believe it's already late January. I have been entrenched with the incredible groups from the 21-Day Love Your Body program; an uplifting and amazing experience for which I have so much gratitude.  The goal was to reconnect women to themselves and their bodies through a clean diet and self-love...I believe we accomplished our mission.

Now that the program is over, I am going to get back to my more normal blogging schedule.  I surprised myself at how much I loved writing Love Your Body and writing for that program, but I did miss posting, so I'm glad to get back to it.

The prep work and delivery of Love Your Body has caused me to look at my entire business in a new way:  concepts of programs I hadn't thought of before, my website, structure of practice, etc.  Probably going to freshen up my look online, including my website/blog.

Also, I am SUPER excited for some of things on the table for this year!  And you'll be the first to know ;) Think mastermind groups, live events, retreats to Costa Rica, etc...oh yeah...good stuff.   Life-changing, life-uplifting, joy-causing, mind-transforming connection with Self and other awesome women.

The following is an excerpt from one of the daily messages of Love Your Body - I sent them an email everyday for 21 days.  It's about finding your power through a simple word...yes.

(FYI...I am looking to package this program for individual sale on my website...more on that coming soon!)

The Power of Yes

This is how we practice.  Living into ourselves.  Loving where we are and what is. Realizing that there is only now.  The bliss is where we show up and say .... Yes.  In the ways that feel right and feed our true hungers.

Yes to trust. Yes to support. Yes to help. Yes to independence. Yes to feminine. Yes to sexy. Yes to silence. Yes to boldness. Yes to Myself. Yes to my Self. Yes to you. Yes to dreams. Yes to awakening. Yes to the circle. Yes to the straight line. Yes to space. Yes to vision. Yes to the dark. Yes to the light. Yes to sparkles. Yes to desire. Yes to commitment. Yes to Freedom. Yes to One. Yes to All.

Yes to       

m   a   g   i   c .

love + yep...magic,

Meditative Focus:  Today, I say a slow, deliberate, purposeful, powerful...

Y    E    S.