What I learned when 7 women came over...

A couple of weeks ago, I held a workshop at my house based on The Desire Map. Seven women came for one night and one day to dial in on their core desired feelings and ultimate desires for life.

I have been on a high of stardust and feminine power ever since.

These women were open, brave, funny, smart, beautiful and full of light.

When women come together for a purpose and common goal, the depth of nourishment, honesty, authenticity, genuine care, non-judgment and willingness to better ourselves and the world around us, is always so affirming.

The ONE single message I would like for all women to know in their heart, in their bones, is -- 

Yes, you can.

You can create anything. Do anything. Be anything.

It seems as if we get caught up in just a few little issues:

  • We are afraid of what other people think
  • We are afraid of being alone
  • We don't think we can do it

We believe things about ourselves that aren't true.

We are complex feminine creatures living in a predominantly masculine-power structured world. (This is a BIG topic all to itself...)

When we can practice living from our own set of core desired feelings, our own blueprint of desires, shifts start to occur. They can be subtle at first, but can quickly morph into magical results and then to downright miraculous.

I've seen it happen. And I've lived it. 

The common themes from the workshop were:

  • we crave honest, deep, meaningful connections
  • a desire for freedom - embodying our free-spirited feminine nature
  • community - turning those deep connections into community; being a part of something bigger than ourselves

I have a theory about this. Thousands of years ago (hell, even hundreds or even fifty...) women were together.

We nurtured each other, our families and communities. We were the wisdom-keepers. The healers. We prepared the food. We took care of the sick. There were generations of women together, telling stories, teaching, learning, growing old and raising children. Girls learned from their grandmothers and great-greatmothers.

That "village" environment has all but disappeared.

We are more isolated than ever. And I won't blame technology here, because when used for the right reasons, good connections can be made.

My response to my own theory is this -- make connections anywhere you can.

Ask that new friend out to lunch. Ask her important questions. What is her life like? What are her relationships like? How does it feel to be her? Do fun ACTIVE things with like-minded people. Take a dance class, join a running group, ride horses, go paddleboarding...something new to you or something you enjoyed doing when you were younger that makes you feel alive.

Find your people.

We are not supposed to do any of this alone.

Those women from the workshop are now making connections amongst themselves. They are finding out possibilities for their lives that didn't exist prior to putting themselves out there and simply signing up for a workshop. It is beautiful.

They are weaving a web of silken, steel-strong threads between us and all around us. Growing a network of support, creating a blanket of trust.

Because that's what we do.

So, when you're ready to do the thing that scares you, to put yourself out there in ways you haven't before, to devour and soak up this one radiant life,

I'll be the one screaming from the mountaintops or whispering in your ear...

yes, you can.


**I'm in creation mode...around connection, community and living a bold, radiant, free, expansive, powerful life** Stay tuned...