Nude Man Grilling Meat


Picture this, a friend’s country home on the water. Complete with barn, screened porch with swinging bed, dock, boat, lowcountry marsh grass, tons of food, warm sun, and a warm breeze.

Lots of good friends and families hanging out together, grilling delicious food, laughing, playing around and just having a great time.

I was walking and talking with a few of my girlfriends, sipping a Corona Light, enjoying the beautiful day and company, when my husband walks up, partially dressed. (just his bathing suit)

The owner of the house accidentally went off in the boat to take a group of kids tubing with my husband’s shirt, hat, shoes and some other incidentals. So he was partially clothed for a while. We decided it was OK for him to be walking around half-naked. And maybe he should grill the meat that way. You know, for us. For our pleasure (wink, wink.)

“Nude Man Grilling Meat.”

We got a great giggle out if it and loved that idea so much we decided that should be the title of my next post. And so it is. Feel free to let your imagination run wild at the idea of nude man grilling meat. Sounds like a performance art piece or an installment in a southern culture museum. Carry on.

If one woman would stand up and tell her story, the whole universe would break open.
— Colleen Saidman Yee

Speaking of ladies walking and talking and carrying on...

We are becoming…those of us who have been on earth for 3, 4, 5 or more decades.

Can you feel it?

I can.

Women are waking up.

We are waking up to the infinite, beautiful, elegant, feminine, powerful essence that is ablaze within us. Seeking oxygen to generate even more heat and color and flame.

I hear it from so many women  – clients, friends, ladies that reach out to me in one way or another. And I’ve felt it in my bones for many years. Maybe for all 45 of my years.

At first, this fire can spark as frustration, drifting, I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-myself. Why don’t I feel…right? Or pushing, pushing constantly…never satisfied. Nothing or no one is ever good enough. People are always letting you down.

Or we’ve squashed the once free and “bad” version of ourselves to conform to what society thinks is “appropriate” for us. Ugh. How boring and life-sucking. 

Check, check and check. Been through all of those.

Whether you stay at home with your kids or run a successful business…there’s just…something…off. For some, it’s just a little something. For others, it’s debilitating.

It can come in the form of extra weight, extra workouts, extra-marital, extra prescriptions, extra wine, extra health problems, extra secrets (in my opinion, secrets are the number one cause of disease and death in our society.) …extra, extra, extra. But nothing seems to quite fill the gap. Your skin just doesn’t fit well.

Well, I have great news.

You are radiant. Right now.

What seems to be problems are actually



Just like the baby birds flapping their little fuzzy baby bird wings right now in the ferns on my back porch, trying so hard to leave that nest,


We Are Ready to Fly.


Transformation isn’t comfortable. Or pretty. Or easy. It takes effort, awareness, guts, balls, and possibly a few more body parts. You may burst into flames before easing into a slow simmer.

You will contract before you expand. And that back and forth dance continues throughout life – contraction/expansion. It takes some getting used to, but you learn to dive-in to the contraction and explode with great energy during expansion. That’s when you get some good miles in.

This is crucial for living a life with intention and healthy, meaningful relationships. And that little piece called -- 




Years ago, I heard Oprah say, “Use your life.” Way before I really understood what that meant. But it burned a whole in my mind and heart. “Use your life.”

What am I using my life for?

How about you? How are you using your life?

My husband? My kids?  My job? My mortgage? New shoes? Although my family is my number one priority, it still doesn’t seem to quite complete the answer. Doesn’t fill the entire box.

It’s bigger than that. I’m bigger than that. And so are you. Who we truly are is desperately trying to emerge.





So I’m making a decision…no…a DECLARATION, to “Use My Life.”

This is what I mean. The picture above shows my notes, journals and my process when I write. I have notes everywhere. On paper. On sticky notes. Legal Pads. My phone. Evernote. Word docs. There is one entry in particular from August 29th of last year that has stuck with me. I was working in Starbucks and felt like all the cells of my body were sizzling. This is the base of my DECLARATION today: (the following is the original journal content – unedited)

I write. I eat. I move. I sleep. I love. I get angry. I get sad. I get scared. I come back. I love. I feel. And feel. And feel. I crack. I mend.

Occasionally, I just try to get through the day without splitting in half. Occasionally, it takes over. Always, I fight back.

Sometimes I challenge myself with cleanses, or gongs, or stupid fucking irrational thoughts and behavior.

I don’t do run-of-the-mill programs, or 7 steps or 11 steps. I do experience. I crave connection. I DESIRE. I feel everything that you feel into the nucleus of the cells in my bones. I feel energy deeply. It’s a lot to manage. Sometimes. 

I do things that keep me close to the Path. And when I don’t, I get back to the things that keep me close to the Path.

I’m tired of trying to be clever, to out-market, to out-program the next guy with more or better or different of the same ole crap.

I do truth.

I do real.

I do experience.

I will be more of who I am. 

I extend invitations to come with me. To learn from me and with me as we emerge and Become more. 

Can I help you? No. I don’t want to tell you how to do anything. You will help yourself. You will see your reflection in me and learn how to become more of you. 

I’m a writer. It’s taken me a long time to say that because that’s what my mother was. A frustrated writer who couldn’t share her gifts. An artist. I fought being like her my entire life. I don’t know if what I write is any good. I just know I HAVE to do it to keep from cracking in half. The dark and the light. It keeps them together. Sorta like friends. This was her greatest and last gift to me. She always wanted me to write, so naturally I resisted. I couldn’t do it while she was here, but I have to now that she’s not. It’s how we communicate. I have journals everywhere. Not only do I write, but a lot of times I do it on “paper.” It’s pretty cool.

{end of journal entry}

So there it is. I DECLARE to be more of who    


I   AM.


To stand up for me and for you and use the radiant power within us all to create a ripple effect that can change the world.

To be open, loving, present and serving in all of my relationships.

To allow the people in my life to really know me.

And to grow my business centered around writing consistently on everything it takes to be a RADIANT woman: from a healthy body, to sensuality, to relationships. It ALL makes up our feminine spirit. 

Empowering and educating women to Be Bold. Be Radiant. And take a stand for their desires.

And if you see a nude man grilling meat, channel your wild sister, use this one beautiful moment in life and tell him he looks hot. It’ll make his day.

And yours too.

So now it's your turn. When you're ready to tell your story and make your declaration...I'm here. We need what you have to give.