And then she said...

Inspiration hits in ways we least expect. Sometimes it smacks you against the head, and most times, at least for me, it is more subtle. You have to be paying attention.

This week, I was at one of my favorite places (PeaceLoveHipHop), doing one of my favorite things (dancing), with some of my favorite people (you know who you are.)

There is a 30-day Challenge — exercise and nutrition — that I am helping to facilitate in our dance family. 

After class, we sat on the floor, sweaty and spent from an INCREDIBLE routine/workout (thank you Angel Roberts), and chatted about the Challenge. We shared how the process is going for everyone and just did a general check-in, answered questions, etc.

We were talking about commitment and one of the ladies said about another participant, Amy, “Yes, she wouldn’t even have a glass of wine with me the other night.” Totally joking around, but making a point to Amy’s dedication.

Then Amy stated something that has stuck in my mind ever since. Paraphrasing, she basically said that giving up certain things for 30 days really isn’t that big of a deal if what you want is to achieve the highest result possible. That if you can’t give something up for that,


“that’s just weak.”


Damn. Bring it.

And it wasn’t just what she said but how she said it.

With power. Confidence. Focus. And determination.

It sort of flew past everyone, including me. Until it didn’t.

It has me looking at the parts of my own life where I am weak. Incongruent. Not in integrity. Fooling myself. Not giving it my all. Where I am doing a lot of talking and taking less action. Looking into my heart to listen for the Truth I know is there.

As a coach who is all about empowerment and creating powerful relationships and language with women, this really hit home. Also, being a coach, it is imperative that I seek out and close the gaps in any weak areas of my own life, as to be congruent with my work and what I want to inspire in others.

So, I invite you to look at the following statements/questions and take inventory of your life and where you need to close your own gaps on any weak areas (we'll be doing this in-depth during my next Discover Your Desires workshops October 8, 9 and 10!)

  • You can tell what you are REALLY committed to by just looking at your life. For example, if you say you want to lose weight, but are continuing habits that are slowing you down or holding you back, (for example, drinking wine every night) what you are REALLY committed to is drinking wine every night. Or, you say you want to finally start or grow your business but spend much of your “working” time on Facebook or on endless distractions or having too many non-productive coffee and lunch dates talking about business instead of doing the necessary required actions to actually grow your business, what you are REALLY committed to is TALKING about the business, not DOING the business.
  • What are you resisting? Maybe these questions? What are the things you are constantly putting off? These are definitely areas to put some attention to. Determine if they need to be taken off the table altogether, or you can hire someone for those tasks, or employ your family to help you, or put them first on your priority list, depending on what they are. 
  • Do you know what you ACTUALLY WANT for yourself (very specifically, not world peace or I just want to be happy) and are willing to commit to? In relationships, business, family, wellness, spiritual life?
  • What is your language like? Are you always “crazy,” “busy,” “life is hard,” “I can’t seem to get it together,” “I don’t know why things aren’t working out?” What you say, the language you use, MEANS SOMETHING. You are actively programming your subconscious mind with that toxic bullshit. Life isn’t hard. Life is happening. Life is nature. A tree doesn’t know it’s a tree. It just is. We choose how we interpret life by our thoughts, emotions and actions. And we can change the course of our life by how we think, feel and act.
  • What you focus on expands. If you are focusing on how “crazy” your life is, then yes, your life will be crazy. If you focus on how hard life is, yes, you are downloading your subconscious mind to run a program in your mind/body that will make life hard for you. This is science. For real. Natural Law.

If you are resisting any of these questions/statements, take a look at that too. The ego/lizard brain DOES NOT want to be tested. It DOES NOT want to be questioned.  

It WILL keep you small and in-check because growth is SCARY and UNCOMFORTABLE for the ego.

This is the sort of work that means something.


It can change the world. Seriously. It starts with you changing how you see your world and taking action to further your growth and the growth of those around you. Creating a ripple effect.

Staying small isn't helping anyone. Most of all you.

Facing yourself, blasting through discomfort, saying the thing that scares you the most to bring it out of the darkness to shine light on it’s deception…

all brings you to the other side where there IS light and endless possibilities and power and joy. 

And freedom.

This is my passion. Supporting you and walking with you to get to the other side.

It’s so worth it.

And so are you.