The 3 little words we all want to hear

We might think it’s “love your shoes!” Or “you’ve lost weight?” Or “you rock sister!” (Ok, that one’s kind of fun.) But it’s not. Those are the external, superficial things that sound good to our ego in the moment, but are fleeting.

They don’t make us FEEL something about who we ARE.

How about this one? 


You are R A D I A N T. 


(Note:  you should see a theme brewing with me here...I'm really paying attention to my core desired feelings -- bold, radiant, joy, in union, FREE. There is a method to this'll see something more concrete soon.)

When someone tells you you are radiant, it usually comes with a pause, and a look of joy from the person saying the words (because it’s so powerful they feel the energy too.)

Just reading that feels different, right?

In my wanting women everywhere (and myself) to wake up to the power, beauty and intelligence within them, this word – RADIANT – keeps coming into my mind. So I looked up the proper definition.

From Merriam-Webster:

As an adjective – 

·      Having or showing an attractive quality of happiness, love, health, etc (yes)

·      Bright and shining (oh yes)

·      Sent out from something in rays or waves that you cannot see (love this)

·      Radiating rays or reflecting beams of light (even better)

·      Vividly bright and shining: glowing (sign me up!)

·      Marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness (give me some of THAT!)


Yes, yes and yes!

Bright and shining from the inside out.  

Think of women you know who embody radiance -- Feminine, beautiful, powerful.

Do you think YOU are radiant?

Why?  Why not? 

For most of us, we may feel it occasionally, but it doesn’t last. Although Radiance is always happening – it’s an energy that is ALWAYS present within us and around us – to have awareness of it and be able to bring it to us, then let it flow out, takes practice.


The more we align our inner and outer worlds, the more joy and freedom we can create. 

Each woman that creates a little more joy and freedom for herself, will radiate that light into her people, causing a ripple effect

That can change the world.

I A M R A D I A N T.

Exercise: Keep this mantra in mind today and see how it affects your mood, how you are with other people, your intention and your focus for the day. Create a feeling a Radiance – warm, glowing, peaceful, powerful light – and carry that with you all day. Give it to everyone you come in contact with.

I’d love to hear how it goes, and what Radiance means for you.