Leaving authentic for powerful

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I'm boycotting the word authentic.


A Google search for "authentic self" pulled 7,750,000 results.  


Hey, guess what?  You already ARE your authentic self.  And trying to live an authentic life as authentically as possible is just as ridiculous as it sounds.  Thinking there is an authentic you buried somewhere inside your psyche that you have to somehow coax out with Butter Pecan ice cream or workshops or 712 self-help books, is a waste of time.  Sorry to blow the cover.  (Don't get me wrong.  I love workshops and self-help books.)

It's sort of like running around in circles chasing your own tail only to realize,

HEEEEEYYYYY...wait a minute.  That's already MY tail!  I actually had it all along!  Yes baby.  You already have everything you need.

It's circular behavior and if we could actually FIND our authenticity "out there" somewhere, wouldn't we have found it by now?


as much as we talk about it.  


So...I am done.  No more authenticity here.  Whew, what a relief!  I can mark that off of my to-do list.  "Find authentic self."


Now I get to be just me, as I am.  Without shame, remorse or guilt. (mostly)  Without fear, weakness or resistance. (sometimes mostly) If I can stay focused on the present and the Love in the moment, there is no "authentic" me or any other version.  Just...me.


I know this may sound odd coming from a health coach/life coach sort, and I do love circles and satsangs, incense and meditation mats, inner-work and self-improvement as much as the next spiritual seeker.  That was and still is a part of my journey.


But from what I am learning now by my own experience and the experience of others, keeping the happy and inspired life I so desire as a full-time gig, requires

strength, truth and




It's about power people.  (and power to the people.)  


The infinite power we all have, that we access from creating a powerful Inner Stance.


And I'm not talking about the overly masculine lift-a-car-with-your-tattooed-pinky-finger kind of way.  Or the money-hungry, ladder-climbing corporate crush-people-under-you-on-the-way-up kind either. 


This power has no name, age, race, gender or beliefs.  It has different markings than that of traditional power.  It is the Source of power.  She has the force of a volcano and the tenderness of a single floating white feather.  She can take a stand and take a seat -- and knows when to do both. All at once, as fierce as a mama tiger and a moment later, as demure as a kitten.  The dark and the light all mashed up into one (albeit sometimes confusing) great and powerful Being. 


If you desire certain results in life, the lesson is learning how to create a powerful Inner Stance, not just chase your authentic self around the playground.  Trying to lose weight.  Trying to be happy. Trying to find a job.  Trying to find...


So I have an idea.  Instead of trying to find our (weak, bullshit) "authentic selves", how about we:


Create the life we desire.  Create the body we desire.  Create the love we desire.   Go make something.  Go help someone.  Be a great friend.  Get over it already.  Stop living in the past and and assuming that your past defines you.


IT DOESN'T.  Only YOU have the power to define your life, in present time.  Commit to yourself. Show up.  Do the work.  You have some shit you need to heal?  Do the work, heal it and move on sister.  

The world needs your gifts if you can get out of your own way.


I'll go first.  I'm getting ready for take off and reserved you a seat.