10 Ways to Create More Power




It’s a word a lot of women don’t resonate with, and I think it’s because of how we perceive the meaning:  the traditional modern meaning being the ability or right to control people or things.  And perhaps because of the incredibly masculine - and mainly negative - thoughts and images we have around power:  brute strength for control, using people to get what/where you want, etc.


If we look back to the origins of the word, it seems as if the modern definition got the first part right; from Middle English, Anglo-French poer/pouer, meaning to be able.  Going even further with Vulgar Latin *potere, an alteration of posse meaning potent.  Then to the Sanskrit version of potent, pati, meaning master.


Ah, now we’re getting there.  When did we take to be able, potent, and master and twist those strong and clear meanings into controlling people or things?


That is definitely a great topic for long conversation over a magnificent dinner or workshop, so I’ll sum up my definition of power here…


The ability to potently be in control and the master of…




Mmmmm.  That may make one of my Core Desired Feelings…Power.  In a divinely feminine, being of service and Super Connected kind of way.


We have been giving away our power for far too long, partially by choice, partially by force.  I feel it's time to get it back.  Like, in a time-sensitive critical way.  


So here are 10 ways I get/keep/maintain/coax/hold this beautiful, exquisite, feminine kind of power:


10.  Fresh flowers.  They make you feel good, and feminine and one with nature.  We should all keep fresh flowers in our home, always.  Doesn’t have to be big.  My favorite is the small $5 (Ok, sometimes I buy 2) bundles from Trader Joe’s and put them in a mason jar.  Instant joy.


9.  Gratitude.  Being grateful opens you up to all the power and goodness in the world.  It puts you in right perspective to the universe.  Hell, I’m grateful, actually REALLY grateful (you have no idea) to be writing this right now.  Think of 5 things to be grateful for every night.  Even if it’s just your pillow.  And tell the important people in your life you are grateful for them.


8.  Move your body.  We all know what this means.  Walk, run, yoga, dance, sport, whatever.  It works.  Every. Time.  No exceptions.  It NEVER doesn’t work.  Do it.


7.  Eat well.  I feel like a broken record with this one :)  Fuel your body with nutrients, not garbage, and your body will run more efficiently, granting you the space to fill up with HEALTHY power, thoughts, emotions and actions.


6.  Meditate.  Another broken record.  After your body is properly nourished, it allows for more peaceful energy.  Which allows for more stillness and reflection.  Which opens the flood gates for positive power.


5.  Say What You Mean.  In a way that people will hear you.  Telling your husband to fuck off might be what you mean, but I promise there is a better way to get your point across that, he will actually hear, and won't result in a fight or standoff.  Using clear and powerful language, while not holding back your truth, is the most efficient and honest way to communicate. 


4.  Don’t take anything personally.  So, if he tells you to fuck off, don’t take it personally.  What people say or think about you is none of your business.  And when someone lashes out, it's about them and what they have going on inside, and not about you.  Just like if you have a reaction or judgment against someone else, it's about you not them.  Yep, it goes both ways. Also, don’t believe what YOU have to say about you.  The thoughts that come from ego are only there to keep you in your comfort zone, not to propel you towards growth.  


3.  Accept what is.  (my favorite.)  The only thing I have control over in this world is my mind.  That’s it.  I don’t have any control over what is happening at my kids’ school right now.  Or what’s happening in the Middle East.  Or down the street.  Or how other people are living their lives. Or what they think.  I can only control how I am perceiving my world, in this moment.  When I make a shift there, then my world will change.  If I’m looking through a shattered lens, the world will seem shattered.  If I have awareness and choose to put on a clear lens…ahhh.  You get the picture.


2.  Surround yourself with community that wants the same thing.  I have had the privilege of speaking with some pretty spectacular women in the past few weeks.  Women who are up to something.  Creating.  Uplifting, beautiful, powerful conversations.  That make we want to live fully in my highest potential.  That make me want to take this journey and do everything I can with it.  Glorious power.  namaste.


1.  Take the time to Power Up!  Take the time necessary to recharge and rejuvenate if you need to, whatever that looks like for you.  If it’s two weeks in the jungle, make it happen.  If it’s a hot bath, make it happen.  You cannot serve to your full potential if you are depleted.  Your family/your job/your dog will be just fine.  Figure it out, mama. 


There are MANY more ways to explore creating power and I could create another complete list around love, which I may do.  But this is a great start.


I’ll end with a quote from my favorite Power Goddess, Danielle LaPorte, about when you are feeling small and not in your most powerful moment:


You may not feel tall, but you will feel your depths. And from there, your power can only grow.


From wherever you are, Time to Power Up ladies.