Singular laser focus...broad vision

Spring is by far my favorite time of year. I love flowers. I love digging in the dirt. I love the warm air. I love the fresh, vibrant colors and fragrance of the emerging season. It makes me feel alive, grounded in nature and full of possibility. A time of awakening.

But the thick yellow coat of pollen that needs a sandblaster to leave my dark wood porches…not so much.

pollen heart.jpg

But it’s worth it. Everything is in abundance…even the blasted pollen.

The nifty thing about abundance is that it is everywhere, in everything, all the time.

It doesn’t need instructions or to be told to start, or stop, or get to work.

The nature of abundance just IS.

Much like nature itself.

If you look outside at the trees, grasses, flowers, bees, insects, etc., there is nothing telling them what to do, how to be, how to grow, when to sprout, what color to be.

They have the code from the Source of Life embedded into their cells and they just LIVE IT.

Without trying so hard. Without arguing with what is and manipulating the situation You would never hear a flower saying, “I know I’m a daisy, but those roses over there are so cool, I’d much rather be a rose. I think I’ll act like a rose.” Without trying at all. They grow, or they don’t. The conditions are right, or they’re not.

They absorb the nutrients they need, get rid of what they don’t. If they get too dry, they wilt and reserve energy.  The roots grow deep and wide for stability and to gain as much nourishment as possible. The leaves and petals face the sun to capture the ultimate energy source.

They contain their own devices for self-protection from the elements and predators. Even though it may not always work. Bunnies do get hungry sometimes. The circle of life.

They do take the necessary required actions to do their job, which is to grow and be an integral part of their environment. Giving and taking for the betterment of their community garden of life.

The implanted intelligence doesn’t need to be worked, or changed, or analyzed or discovered.

It needs to be trusted. To be surrendered too. To be LIVED.

It is always there. It was always there. It will be always there = in abundance.

So how can us humans, so high on the food chain, stop trying to manipulate our world into a mold that we deem right or appropriate or the best possible way?

We can’t. Just watch the news. (That’s why I don’t.)

We can commit to taking the necessary required actions every day that move us toward our core desired feelings and headfirst into our goals. No matter what obstacles may arise. Then trust in the process. Do everything you can possibly do to create what you need to create, then surrender the outcome. You can push your roots and open your leaves, but you don’t have any control over when the rain comes. Or when the bee will come for a drink. Or the bunny for a snack.

Work, surrender. Work, surrender. Trust.

Growing deeper roots and run into a rock? Identify what it is (rock), be grateful for the challenge (ooh, that’s hard), learn something new (hmm, can’t grow through rocks)…and find a different route. One that works even better.

Just because the rock stopped you once, doesn’t mean there isn’t more fertile soil all around it.

Singular laser-focus…broad vision.

Follow your instincts, your core desires, trust your infinite power, go inside and listen. Observe nature. Observe your nature.

It’s a great way to grow.