When it's just not happening...

Sometimes, we are shaky.

Sometimes, there are several things jockeying for our attention.

There will be times when we are distracted. Not all together, altogether.

Maybe Mercury is in retrograde.

Maybe it’s a new moon. Or a full moon.

Or someone said something that you just. can’t. let. go. of.

Maybe the cycle of your day or week just got away from you.

The kid across the street threw a rock through your window.

Or someone keyed your car. 

A very angry customer (not necessarily rightly angry…) comes in and complains about your business, or a silly charge.

Your kid is not making decisions that you think are the right decisions. (Depending on the age…this can be especially triggering.)

Your mom/husband/best friend/ex/sister just absolutely laid into you.

Or maybe your hormones are fluctuating and you just feel…off.




These things are all external factors in a world in which you have no control, but have a choice as to how you see it.

The only thing you can control is your response to these factors.

Sometimes, you respond in accordance with your higher Self. And maaayyyyybe sometimes you don’t. So there.

Keep doing your work.

Making the distinction between distractions and what needs your attention is a practice that cannot be overlooked. It is crucial.

It's the difference between going in circles and creating a powerful stance in life.



(credit to my dear friend Kim Percival for that one...)


And you make this determination by how you feel.  Distractions are going to make you feel constricted and tight. Cause anxiety. Upset. Working through these will make for more ease and lightness. And efficiency.

Efficiency is a highly powerful trait.

So is Magic.

Creating the possibility and environment for Magic is a practice of the highest order.

Magic is where flow happens. Where creativity will show up to you with the art (aka life) you seek.

It requires patience and trust. That is all it asks. Yet those are two qualities that can be very hard to come by on certain days. 

Create and maintain the practices in your life that keep you balanced, effective, efficient, calm, clear and (somewhat) sane.

And then, just when you’re not looking, it happens.



Your life is your art. When you make tough choices in favor of your soul, you’re making a masterpiece out of your existence.
— Danielle LaPorte