The secret to being exceptional at sales, and we're ALL selling something...

Being good at sales is an exceptional skill that all successful people carry.

Some people have the knack…they can sell ANYTHING. Copy machines. Vacuum cleaners. Skin care. Supplements. Clothes. Stocks. It doesn’t matter.

Realizing that success is a complex term that means something different for everyone, for this purpose, let’s think of it from it’s Latin/Middle English roots as “have the desired result, thrive, prosper, grow; to accomplish what is intended.”

Every single one of us, doing whatever it is we do everyday, is selling.

This has been a hard concept for me to grasp, and, at the same time, it's completely fascinating and exciting.

As a mom, have you ever tried to convince your kid to eat vegetables by making faces out of celery, carrots, raisins and grape tomatoes? Or maybe you put kale in a smoothie. Or zucchini in some bread? You were selling. *an idea*

As a spouse, have you ever tried to talk your love into a dinner, vacation, some "special time," a night out, a night in, piece of clothing, house to buy, toy to buy? Oh yeah. You were selling. *a better life, more passion, fun*

Of course this can be found all through businesses of every kind. If you are in business, even a non-sales business, you are selling.

Think of all the people you know that you consider to be very successful by our definition above…monetary success can be included or not, up to you.

It could be that he can sell medical equipment to turkeys in Alaska.

Or she somehow talks her kids into washing both cars every Saturday, cleaning their rooms, and they have spinach and eggs for breakfast, all before 8:30am.

Or she thought of the most incredible, creative solution to a chronic problem within her company and sold it with ease and confidence to the CFO, CEO and all the other C’s, walking through the lobby on the way to lunch. No 2-hour presentation needed.

I've never thought of myself as a good “salesperson” and actually had an aversion to the word. Somehow it felt fake or inauthentic. Like sales was something for those people who were tricksters, could spin a tale for their own benefit, regardless if it was of benefit to the person being sold to.


Wow. Was I way off.


The people that are exceptional at sales and selling, whether it’s a great mom, or top real estate agent, or auto dealer, or middle management, or exercise studio, all practice (either knowingly or by instinct) a common belief.


What they are selling doesn’t matter.


Because what they are actually selling is




They are selling how they see the world…their worldview. They are selling an invitation to their Magic.


And the reason they are so good at it?


It’s the story they are telling.


And you know the most important person they are telling this story to?




The stories you tell yourself about who you are will determine how successfully you can translate how you see the world, and ultimately, what you are selling, to other people.


It’s the Story of You that will determine the bottom line. From how your kids eat to your monthly sales targets to how much you sex you have. 


It’s all sales. And the only thing you are ever actually selling…


is you.


And the most important receiver of that pitch?


is you.


The story you tell yourself everyday is the most important story of them all.


Make it exceptional.


And make it real.