You know Christmas is right around the corner -- what if?

At my most recent hair appointment (I was getting my hair colored, some unruly grays are sprouting), I realized the next time I go in for a treatment, my kids will be back in school.

Like any good woman worth her weight in Moroccan Oil, I mark time by my hair appointments.

So after some quick calculations, I realized I only have 3, maybe 4 hair treatments before Christmas. Wow. Time...

July 4th has come and gone and the year is more than half over.

The first half of summer always seems to fly by, with the excitement of more free time, no schedule (or at least a different schedule), cookouts, celebrations, etc. Sometimes it feels just as hectic as the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This part of summer seems to slow down. Maybe there's a vacation. Or even less of a schedule. It's a great time to take a look at where you are and make adjustments to your life.

Evaluate the goals you (may have) set at the beginning of the year and see if they are still important, working or need to be tossed.

This is a set of questions I came up with after being a inspired by a friend who recently set a big goal for herself. (She's making it happen by the way.) I invite you to sit with these and notice how you feel. Then write them down and answer them. Take your time with the questions and take action.

Christmas will be here before you know it -- will you be one of those people saying, "I just don't know where the year went!" Then proceed to make the same goals for the new year that you did this year? With the same plan? With the same half-hearted commitment and lack of a solid strategy?

Think big. Play big. Wake up. The rest of your life starts right now.


What if you woke up every morning and couldn’t wait for the day to unfold?

What if all your clothes fit you perfectly?

What if you had tons of energy?

What if you got in the best shape of your entire life starting right now? (This one is really jabbing me in the gut right now.)

What if you were the best-of-the-best at what you do?

What if you and your partner talked to each other clearly, directly, honestly and compassionately, without fear of judgment or what the other thinks?

What if that changed your relationship? Is that scary? Is that important?

What if it changed you?

What if you could do ANYTHING and knew you wouldn’t fail?

What if you could go for your dreams and no one would judge you? Or more correctly, you wouldn't FEEL judged?

What if you felt the fear and did it anyway?

What if your past never happened? (Sit with this one...)

What if you could start over right now?

What if you never looked at people the same way again?

What if you saw "them" as "you?"

What if you saw everything differently?

What if you had the power to control your life?

What if you could change your life with one simple choice? (It might a difficult choice, but simple nonetheless.)

What if you weren’t guaranteed a long life (you’re not)? What would you do, right now?

What if you told someone, anyone, the one thing that terrifies you the most? How would you feel? And THEN, how would you feel?

What if you told your partner the one thing you are scared for them to know?

What if you weren’t afraid of dying?

What if you weren’t afraid of living?

What if you felt free?

What if you could be the person you want to be right now?




What if?

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