What are you full of?


In this week of thanks, we’ll all be reflecting on the things that fill us with gratitude.

Family. Friends. Love. Peace. Warmth. Charity. Service. Giving. Kindness. Children.

Holidays tend to make us look back in time, remembering previous days of being young and celebrating with family and friends. For many of us, there is a sense of freedom associated with these memories. A freedom that may be harder to touch in the present time.

And of course, there’s always a hearty feast of traditional (or non-traditional) food to fill our bodies.

As we feel FULL in every sense of the word, I wonder about all the ways we might feel full-ness in our lives.

  • thankful
  • grateful
  • bountiful
  • thoughtful
  • powerful
  • useful
  • graceful
  • beautiful
  • playful
  • helpful
  • careful
  • blissful
  • mindful
  • peaceful
  • soulful
  • wonderful

There’s also another list of words to consider. Other ways we can be full:

  • boastful
  • shameful
  • doubtful
  • tearful
  • resentful
  • harmful
  • painful
  • blameful
  • deceitful
  • disrespectful
  • fearful
  • stressful
  • vengeful


Ponder both lists for a minute. Reading them as “full of __________.”


Which ones are resonating with you right now?

How many from each list do you feel?

Are you full of grace? Full thanks? Full of wonder?

Or are you full of stress? Full of shame? Full of fear? 



What are you going to choose to be full of?



How will you feed yourself?


The language you ingest and live on, will create the reality you live in.


Be careful of the shameful words and thoughts that have the possibility of creating a stressful holiday. Be full of awareness. Be full of presence. 


Be graceful and practice mindfulness to create a blissful and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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