Transformational Coaching 

In my private coaching practice, I help women transform the areas of their lives where they are not achieving desired results.

We achieve the desired results through powerful, declarative language, practice and engagement.

My clients learn how to transform their negative thoughts, emotions and actions into living with

passion, power and purpose.


I have a degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a lifetime of observing why people are the way they are, and years of study and education in health and personal growth.  (see About.)

I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend.



Utilizing the tools I have gathered during an ordinary life of heartbreak, joy, pain, beauty, light, dark and everything in between, I will be your mirror for you to recognize your own truth and find the answers that are only FOR you, WITHIN you.   

I can teach you to keep a strong mind, clean body and whole-heart.  It is a daily practice of sharpening the tools and excavating the doubts that come through…quickly and completely.

We will have a 1-hour (or so) conversation -- either in person, by Skype or on the telephone -- once per week, for 3 months.


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According to recent studies, although women are achieving more and enjoying greater opportunities than ever before in history, we are not happier.

Also, the decline in happiness spreads across age groups, working women, stay-at-home moms, married, divorced, more and less educated — it’s equal opportunity unhappiness.

I know -  I felt it.

My entire adult life, I lived with a low-level sense of something-is-missing.  A void.  A therapist gave me a diagnosis of low-level depression (and exactly what is that?)  I didn’t feel that really fit either.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, I just knew that true happiness escaped me.  I called it feeling “flat.”

Sure, I had happy experiences.  I had a happy enough childhood (parents divorced at 15), went to college, had friends, a great husband and two amazing kids.  There were many instances where I felt happy.

But it was temporary.  I wanted the states of being that were ever-lasting — peace, joy, bliss, patience, serenity.  The kind of existence I instinctively knew somewhere in my soul to be true, but was elusive.  I was sick of always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Not that I expected to never have pain or a stressful life event.  I just wanted to know how to get back to bliss quickly.

Then two events forced me to examine how I was progressing in this spin of life.

My mother committed suicide in 2006 after suffering from depression her entire life.  Guilt, anger, shame, betrayal were just a few of the emotions that could cast a spell on any given day.  I was her only child which gave it a special rip through the heart.  I remember feeling that the air was different.  Sunlight wasn’t as bright.  My eyes couldn’t stay focused for very long.  And wine tasted very good.

 Life is perfect…as it is…changing nothing. 

A very wise and dear friend said something that kick-started my healing process.  He said, “Just remember, her life was perfect…as it was…changing nothing.  Including her death.”  I understood intellectually at the time what he meant.  I now feel that in my core.  And it was from the practice of this transformational work.

Second event was in early 2012 when our family had a financial crisis that brought the house down.  No joke.  Our entire world changed.  Those same feelings returned…guilt, anger, shame, betrayal and the same truth stood — Life is perfect…as it is…changing nothing.

Everything, everywhere, everyone carries an opportunity for learning.  And so it was, from the practice of this transformational work.

Today, teaching women the tools of transformation that supported me through my struggles with being “flat”, depressed, numbing myself with bad habits, grief and major life transition, is my passion.  The knowledge that everything in life is a teacher, no matter how beautiful or painful, is what I want to share.

My work is designed to support you in the happiness design of YOUR life.   You’ll eliminate uncertainty, and move forward with confidence, discipline and resolve.  With newly developed awareness and clarity, you recognize old beliefs that have held you back and develop empowering beliefs that will inspire your actions…creating an extraordinary life.

I will be your guide as you find your own answers and reclaim your power.

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