The Foundation

a 21-day course to create a vibrant body + life


This program leads to ridiculous clarity, true health and real beauty.


In a mere 21 days, you can transform your life.  Sound too good to be true?  

Oh, it's so good it IS true.

Feel better than you've ever felt.  Look better than you have in years.

Recapture that ever-present but elusive inner-glow.  

     (Secret:  It's always been there.)

Can changing the way you eat and think really do all that?  No.

But transforming how you eat, think and feel?

Will change the world.

I will take you on a journey of discovery using the very same tools that transformed my life. 

Which will make you feel good.

Which will make you happy. Which will flow out to others.

Creating a ripple effect that can change the world. (Yep, I say that a lot.)

The purpose of The Foundation course is to revolutionize the way you think about food, reshape your body from the inside out and love your body - and mind - in ways that you haven't in years.

Maybe ever.


This is really not a cleanse, diet or detox.

It's a process.  A course.  A way of being.

What sets this program apart from ANY others?  

It's the WHOLE life approach to transforming your health.  

It's about the food, but it's not about the food.

And it's ALL about commitment.


commit to body

It starts with food. Food changes everything. When we eat real, clean, whole, delicious food that came from the ground of this beautiful earth, our bodies are nourished in the most natural, healthy ways possible.  Having a body that runs cleanly, efficiently and energetically, we create space for possibilities in life we didn't know existed.  We do that with nutrient dense, delicious food.  We "crowd out" the icky, processed, energy-draining life-force sucking foods and add in real foods that kick-start your metabolism and reduce inflammation.

commit to mind

The mind is the key to success.  I can give you recipes all day long. But until you change your mind, take action about food, how you look at yourself and your world...nothing will change.  When you take care of your body, make time for mindfulness and show yourself some love, you send a signal to your subconscious mind that you are worth it.  Learning where negative thoughts come from and what to do with them gives you a huge boost in getting your desired results.  Clarity in the physical body is necessary to make space for a clear mind.


commit to spirit

Connection to something bigger than yourself plays a key role in getting out of your own way.  The definition of Spirit is different for each of us.  And it's what connects us to each other, our world and beyond. True fulfillment, joy and peace is within this realm.  To have a shot at reducing stress, living an authentic life with ease, and walking lighter through life, the physical body and the mind need space to allow for the brilliance of spirit. This is where our glow lives. 




What you get:

  • a completely downloadable course that is yours to keep forever!
  • recipe book that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats
  • sample menus for each week
  • a guidebook explaining why and how to do this type of program
  • a workbook that includes an extensive checklist to take inventory of how you feel before and after
  • daily journal pages to set intentions, have reflection, and record gratitudes
  • kitchen prep tips and tools
  • tips for the detoxification process
  • a series of 6 videos that include information from my premium 1-on-1 coaching 
  • daily protocol of what your days will look like
  • 21 days of daily coaching emails from ME guiding you through the entire process
  • even a playlist!  (I love a good playlist...dancing not included, but highly recommended!)
  • a $250 value!

But don't just take my word for it...

Wow! ….My first cleanse at 49, and it’s not going to be my last! Words can not describe how energized and restored it has made me feel. I feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time. I’ve got the energy of a sixteen year old. I’m turning 50 next year, and I’m going to be healthier than I’ve ever been, and even more fabulous at 50! The foods that I’ve learned to cook from Angie are simply to die for! My favorite is the Zucchini and Basil Soup….OMG. I could eat it everyday. And did I mention that a wonderful co-worker of mine told me that “I’m glowing”? Yes, he said I was glowing. I feel this glow and my face, and my skin feels as though it’s been restored to baby like softness. I can’t wait for the next cleanse. I’m so Blessed to have Angie guiding me and helping me change my life. I’m going to be healthy and fabulous at fifty! Mark my Word!!!!
— Sheri V.
Doing Angie’s cleanse has changed my life, changed the way I look at food, changed the way I see myself. Her knowledge and availability make her and her services top-notch. Can’t give her a higher recommendation.
— Kim P.
Next-to-the-last day of my cleanse, and I am so grateful to you! The 3 weeks have been interesting and relatively easy. I’ve learned so, so much! And yesterday I was actually craving kale—-a new experience for me, I can assure you.
— Frances E.
Angie....thank you for helping me to get a heathy approach to the way I eat. I am still staying on the program after 5 weeks!! It is amazing how the body reacts when re introducing the foods back.
Your advice and encouragement has helped me stay committed to the program for five and a half weeks now......a first ever for me and I have lost 10 pounds!!!
Thank you!!
— Sherry H.
Yes, I did it! Can’t believe it. It has been a great learning experience for me and I appreciate all your motivational emails! I have learned soooo much. This is a great “do-able” program.

I will never look at food the same way....

Thanks again, Angie, for everything!!
— Becca R.


So, what have you got to lose?

(except extra weight, dull skin, and feeling lethargic?)


You'll gain clarity, presence, a lighter body and, you guessed it,