I really love music.  I have been making mix tapes since I would sit with my very first old school tape recorder in front of our turntable (or my mom's 8-track tape player) and manually record each song, scratches and all, into lists that made sense to me.  Each was it's own story.

This is a musical story for this program.  It's a story of transformation.  These songs mean a great deal to me. They have inspired me, saved me, held me, and lifted me with each note and word for different reasons.

I invite you to listen with an open mind and heart.  If you know the song, try to listen with a Beginner's Mind...fresh, like you've never heard it before.  Pay attention to the details, especially the lyrics.

There are 14 songs that total about 54 minutes of music.

This is a very personal gift from me to you. xoxo

A few comments:

India Arie is straight from the angels.  Her lyrics sink into my bones and fill me up with gold stardust.  Her voice is liquid poetry.  I have seen her live and it was pure joy.  I have listened to "I Choose" probably more than any other song in my life.  Truly an anthem of feminine empowerment.

Serena Ryder's "Stompa" is another favorite.  I saw her live with the wonderful Michael Franti ("11:59") back in October 2013. She played this song after admitting to have suffered from depression in her life.  As a fellow depression sister, "The pain that you feel, I can prove it's not real," gives me chills.  It is straight up truth.

Speaking of Michael Franti, his "11:59" live was a magical experience...it was a beautiful moment of a group of people singing, dancing, being connected by art.  Really cool.  Love that man.

I could have made about a hundred lists and it was hard to keep this one at a manageable length.  There were some really good ones that almost made it and at the last minute got cut.  Too dramatic.  Too indulgent.  Doesn't really make sense in the order of things.

Someday when I give my own live experience, they'll all make it in and we'll have a great big dance party :)