This project was the creation of Jeffrey Cohen, owner of Jivamukti Yoga in Charleston, SC.  Jeffrey is a yoga teacher - a wonderful yoga teacher who travels extensively sharing his gifts with others on the journey.

I was honored to be included in the Sometimes Angels project.  It is a song, a music video, and a documentary is in development as well.  All centered around the gifts that the suicide of a loved one can bring.  

This touches me in a very deep place and I want to share it with you.  

The day I was present for the shooting, I was amazed at the number of people who also share this event of life.  There was an extraordinary amount of love, compassion, residual pain/sadness, and ultimately joy and peace that we all shared.  At least that is my perception.

Please watch and share with anyone you know who has been touched by suicide.  If you or someone you love has been touched and want to reach out to me, please do so using the contact form.

From the YouTube page:

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This tune comes out of the devastation and bewilderment that suicide brings. At age 12, Jeffrey rama's mother committed suicide. Before her passing, they shared an indelible bond that was filled with music, mysticism, complexity, but mostly love. "Every time I pick up a guitar I still feel like I am playing for her."

"A monumental thank you to all the courageous souls who participated by sharing their image and the one(s) they lost to suicide. I am so very grateful for you. Because of you, we can shine the light of consciousness. Because of you, we may be able to reach out to others."

"Sometimes Angels" marks the debut single release from a collection of songs to be released in late summer 2014. It is the album he was destined to make, drawing together the teachings of yoga and spirituality with the drive and fervor of timeless rock n' roll.

Due to the large response, we are continuing with the "Sometimes Angels Project" which will be a website and documentary, continuing the opportunity for suicide survivors to share their story and the loved ones who passed with the world. If you would like to contribute WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Go to 
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