From the moment I met Angie she was to me someone who lets all her light shine through, and it warms and brightens everyone around her. Angie perfectly embodies the famous Marianne Williamson quote (‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”) because she not only is all these things herself—brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous—but she creates so much space around her for others to show up this way. I am brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous in her eyes and it is in that reflection that I start to believe it, too.
— Kristen Manieri — Founder & Editor, Date Night Guide, Orlando Date Night Guide & Tampa Date Night Guide Orlando, FL
Angie has a rare gift of creating a safe space where I feel comfortable being vulnerable and that allows me to feel like a more complete version of myself. At times, I feel she can see straight into my soul and she gently guides me to recognizing the same beauty and potential that she has uncovered within me. Angie is a deeply spiritual guide with a strong moral compass and when I am in doubt, I whisper to myself “What would Angie do” and just like that, I know where to let life guide me. My gratitude for Angie runs deep and wide and I believe she elevates the lives of everyone lucky enough to experience her.
— Wendy Taylor - Founder, ECT Solutions Group Mt. Pleasant, SC
Angie is a powerful demonstration of leadership. In her presence I experience calm focus, intentional listening and incredible ways to create possibilities. I love working with and being with Angie.
— Anita Grantham - Chief People Officer, Pluralsight Farmington, UT
I have had the opportunity to be in the presence and work of Angie Byrd for over 3 years. Angie is a change-maker…not the kind of change you find in a book and try on for a week. The change I refer to is the kind that makes waves in the world.
The kind that moved me from a state of atrophy to a vision of impacting my life in a profound and lasting way.
I was stale in my career, my relationships and myself.
Angie challenged me to honor myself and carve out time to DO THE WORK and answer some questions….”what do you want to create?,”… “what do you really believe?”….”who are you really BEING in the world?”
Angie’s passion is seeing possibility in women who aren’t seeing it in themselves.
She understands the relentless demands on the lives of women and mothers and will meet you where you are….crying, laughing, or dancing! Be prepared to ask the questions and speak the words that have been whispering in your soul.
There is greatness in the wake of Angie Byrd.
— Angie Bryson - VP, The Glotzbach Company Charleston, SC
Angie is a shining light, a committed partner in this thing called life. She is the kind of woman that you want to be around. Any conversation with her brightens your light without her taking any of that light for herself. This is a rare gift and one that only a wonderful kind of leader like Angie can provide.

In working with her she creates a sacred space. A space where your time together is the most important thing, that there is no place she would rather be than with you. A space where you feel completely heard and understood, where you are provided the incredible opportunity to experience your own greatness and gain access to an internal power that you didn’t even know existed. If I had to describe her in only a few words, I would say Angie embodies insight, love, and knowledge. She is an incredible coach that lives her work.
— Kim Percival - Leadership & Performance Coach Mt. Pleasant, SC
Working with Angie has been transformative for me as a woman in leadership. She has an amazing ability to coach both at a high level and a detailed, tactical level. She very clearly and articulately explains how as humans, our presence, our energy, and our “way of being” impacts others – and to be fully cognizant of our “way of being” in all situations – from negotiations, to professional working relationships, to personal relationships, and so on. She has taught me to ask myself before each interaction with another person, “What is my intention?” And from that question, comes clarity, focus, and a “way of being” that results in successful outcomes. I would recommend Angie to all women in leadership and women who are seeking ways to enhance their communication and relational skills.
— Ashley Demosthenes - President and CEO, Lowcountry Land Trust Charleston, SC