The Retreat :: a feminine, powerful, immersive experience about seeing yourself as a leader in all areas of your life.

JANUARY 18 - 21, 2018 :: Daniel Island, SC

Hosted by Angie Byrd, performance & leadership coach for women, this weekend will transform your life.



  • get clarity around how you spend your time
  • minimize stress and maximize ease
  • move through life with peace and power
  • create yourself as CEO of your life
  • have a happy, fulfilling marriage/relationship
  • resolve difficult relationships
  • have your kids want to be with you
  • start the project or business you’ve been dreaming about
  • deepen gratitude and forgiveness
  • make a difference to the people that matter to you
  • feel  A L I V E  in this one precious life...?


Being successful in your life, is directly related to who you are being. Contrary to what we think, purpose and confidence are not things to find out there, outside of us, but created states that are developed with desire, intention, clarity, focus, consistency and practice.

The one driving force that matters in this way of approaching your life...

You matter. 

When you see yourself as mattering in your life, in all areas of your life, with anyone in your life, you will gain freedom to be and freedom to act without constraint.


promises of THE RETREAT:

  • You will walk away with the tools and access to create confidence as a way of being, regardless of your circumstances
  • You will have a new understanding that confidence is created, not something you are born with
  • You will have the power to handle any situation in your life -- marriage, relationships, work, children and your other important areas
  • You will forge a deep connection with your internal power
  • You will have the support of a dynamic group of women committed to showing up powerfully in the world


Is this right for you?

If you are ready to walk through your life with confidence and lightness, power and grace, and have others experience you as being these qualities, request a conversation so we can decide together if The Retreat is right for you. The time we spend together will be personal and deep, with a good dose of open space -- just for you. You will walk away from the weekend renewed, rejuvenated, reinvigorated and ready to reclaim your power.

Everyday. Regardless of your circumstances.

The Retreat is not a psychotherapy workshop designed around healing unresolved issues.  This is an experience, based on powerfully creating your life. It is by invitation and referral only. This weekend is limited to 17 women.

When women come together in support of one another from an authentic, aligned, empowered place, we can achieve anything. 

What you need to know:

Daniel Island Club Cottages
Daniel Island, SC
Fly into Charleston International Airport

Your investment includes lodging for Thursday through Saturday nights, as well as, all food and beverages.  There is a full kitchen in each cottage, so feel free to bring any food or beverages you may require.

We will start Thursday, January 18th at 4:00pm, and end Saturday night when we are complete. Check out is 10:00 am, Sunday, January 21st.

The investment is your 100% commitment and:

$1,800 for the weekend only by December 1, 2017

$2,400 for the weekend only after December 1, 2017

Bring leggings, yoga pants, shorts, athletic shoes and other comfortable clothing. 

***All of the King Suites have been reserved at this point. The rest of the sleeping rooms are quite large with 2 queen beds in each room, each with it's own luxury bathroom. These will be shared accommodations.***

There will be a party at my home on Saturday night. Dress for fun.

To schedule a conversation about The Retreat, fill out the form below:

My mission...

To be with women in such a way that they experience themselves as the bold, radiant, powerful, courageous, beautiful creators they are, by the clean and simple purpose of being alive. We have so much in us. We are capable of so much when we live unconstrained.

When we commit to using our lives, our talents, our gifts, our VOICES…
When we are authentic and truthful with ourselves and others…
When we are aligned with what is meaningful to us…
When we know what we want and operate with purpose…
When we know that we matter – in our deepest places…

it will cause a ripple effect that will change the world.

We can make a difference.

Who you are is a gift to us all.

Let’s set you free.